Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Good Evening Everyone & hope this finds all doing well in Blogger Land:) Whew! Been busy past few days with helping my sister close her scrapbook store. Packing, taking containers of things out, taking down grid walls, separating racks, and etc. Everything is all packed, has been moved, now just the bigger items of grid walls & racks need to be moved by the trailer in the next few days. Body is hurting a little bit tonight:)

Finally will have a little bit of ME time now. I can get back to work on taking pics, listing a few more things, work on my venues, and etc. I was fortunate to sell a couple of things these past few days. Great customers, fast payers, and things have gone very smooth. Just like I like it, and also how the customers want it too:) 

Bonanzle is still staying busy, and I still have a few things listed with etsy too. I have decided for a little bit more control, and to separate inventory a bit I will focus with these 2 sights right now. Unless...never know if another one might come up too:) 

I also have been working a little bit with my blog. Soon I will show a few pics of things I am offering for sale. IF someone would see something that they like while visiting here they will also be able to purchase from here as I have added the paypal button to the side of my blog. It is clickable, and takes you directly to paypal where you will add the total amount you are purchasing which will be the item price, the shipping, and the insurance that I always include for a more secure delivery too...and then you give your information needed by them to complete the purchase. Just like shopping with other places, but only on here. Bear with me, still a working progress.....if only there was more time in a day to complete everything. Anyway, that is where some things are at right now. Hope ya'll had a great weekend & wishing you a gorgeous week too!:) Later:)

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