Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures

Wanting to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day & a very Happy Weekend too!:) I worked a lil bit on my twitter page...changed the background, and my picture/avatar. I THINK you can tell the colors I kind of like, and what I lean on a lil bit too:) This isn't long at this time, but will be back. Wanted say Happy Valentines Day before something came up, and I didn't make it back here. Get a chance check out my booth at bonanzle, and my shop at etsy...clickable buttons on top right side of blog. Also, stop by and tweet me sometimes too. Or, I always welcome a visit to facebook also. Still trying to figure out the fan page there, and if it will be worth it, but anway...gotta run. Will visit with ya'll later. Got grandbaby, and chasing her again....No weekends to me it appears:)

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