Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reminder LilacsNDreams Has Moved to New Blog Please Follow

Reminder that LilacsNDreams Has Moved to a New Blog, and asks you to Please Follow there. Hi all, and hope this gets to everyone. Due to circumstances I am not going to keep repeating....LOL:) I have started a New Blog. I am asking everyone to please follow me over there. Same name, still using blogspot, but without upsetting things too much I had to start a new blog. So, when you can, come on over to the new place, and would LOVE to see you there. LilacsNDreams Blog  OR  LilacsNDreams, and also LilacsNDreams Shoppe Blog  OR  LilacsNDreams Shoppe. 2 main pages to the blog, but as you know there are also other pages that I have there as well as I did here. 

So, hop on over, give it a read....I am working on redoing the same posts for over there too. That way those following can bookmark, and note again with them as they wish. Sorry for the inconvenience, but would be happy to see you there!:)

Have a super Tuesday everyone, and see you at the New Blog!:)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Policies Page For LilacsNDreams Has Moved Follow Me

Welcome to my policies page for LilacsNDreams blog. This is a short announcement to let everyone know that I have Moved! LilacsNDreams has a new blog! Would appreciate it if you would come on over to visit me with the new place, and give me a follow there. Still a working progress, but much of it is done, just some tweeking being done, minor changes, and some of the blog looks the same as over here too. Few changes, but the main landing page is the same to help ease everyone into this move. 

I didn't want to do it, never thought I would be doing this, but do to some issues that took place I was locked out of here for a week with no guarantees of getting this reinstated. Sorry, couldn't sit and wait around...started a new blog. So far, so good. 

So, hop on over to visit with me by clicking on LilacsNDreams OR here is the new addy for it too LilacsNDreams2.blogspot.com.

IF you would happen to click on one of the tab links at the top, it should bring you over to one of the new pages on my new blog too. IF I did everything correctly, and it works as I intend it to. Hey, thanks so much for understanding with this, and being patient during this time. I appreciate you all for it. Take care, and have a wonderful day everyone!:)

Lilacs Has a New Blog Please Follow Me There

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams everyone! Stopping by this blog to keep you all updated as things are changing....you might find them a bit confusing....but I am working as fast as I can to change it all out. So, please bear with me if you will.  Thanks so much!:)

First of all, if you landed on this blog I am assuming it was from a clickable link that brought you here, or you used the blog addy of LilacsNDreams.blgospot.com. I want to let you know right away that due to circumstances that happened on May 7th...I had started a new blog. You can find that one at LilacsNDreams2.blogspot.com OR use LilacsNDreams.com also.  Not knowing if this blog would be reinstated, or not...I couldn't take that chance. So, I jumped on it right away, and spent all day working with this, and have been doing so off, and on since that day too. When you land on the new blog it looks very much like this one...some of the pages have changed a bit, but the first page, the landing page I kept very much like this one so that everyone would know they are coming to the right person....LilacsNDreams. Of course I kept the name on both blogs...but with the dates of things, and the amount of followers I am hoping you will know for sure that you have landed on the new blog. 

Now, once you land on this page...since I am not computer literate, and not sure enough of myself to take the step to do the 301 redirect or the redirect I also found with google for blogger also. So, the next thing I have been doing is all the tabs you are seeing at the top of this page, or if you land on other pages by chance for this blog....when you click those tabs at the top they are going to shoot you over to the new blog, and the new pages I have there. 

Once you land on those pages, or the main page of LilacsNDreams....if you will...please click on the follow me button there, and let's do this again. I really truly apologize for the inconvenience of this, and hope this is making sense of what I am shortly saying too. Hopefully soon this will be understandable, and all those that are following will get to the right destination. Till then I have to keep this blog going to help move things over, and get them all into one place before I can consider closing this blog. 

So, if you have any questions, please hop over to the new Blog by clicking on LilacsNDreams, or to go to LilacsNDreams2.blogspot.com please. Thank you so very much for understanding this all, and bearing with me during this time. I wish you all well, and to have a wonderful day!:) See ya at the new place! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LilacsNDreams Has a New Blog Please Follow Me

WOW! What a deal, and what a mess too! I really truly did not expect this to happen. I am actually a bit tongue tied with this situation as well everyone.  Due to circumstances LilacsNDreams has a New Blog, and is asking that you Follow Me to that one.

What you might ask? What is she talking about? Sorry, everyone. I really truly hate confusing all of you, and I really truly hate doing all of this too.....As some of you are aware of the situation, last Monday, May 7th I was locked out of my blog here, this blog that I am conversing with ya'll on now. It kept showing disabled, not found, deleted. I begged, and went looking everywhere that I could to find it, and to find answers. I was very shook up by this, and was just sooo hear broken over it too. I did what I could to have this issue reviewed, and to get me reinstated as well too. I wanted it done like yesterday of course, but you usually have to wait about 7 business days, and 1 person with Google informed me they would turn in my request, but things did not look promising either, and if anything would be done by Google. I was trying to sign into the gmail account associated with this blog at the time, and yada yada yada. Things did not look promising at all. 

I was devastated, and was worried about what I had grown here, how I would notify people of what happened, how things were progressing here, and so I started a New blog right away. Yes, it is still named LilacsNDreams...wouldn't have any other name, right? LOL:) I have directed my .com to it, and my blog addy is almost the same as this one is too. Let me remind you of those addy's to better help you..... LilacsNDreams .com is at the new addy, and then there is the LilacsNDreams new Blog addy too. 

So, if you will please, to save the confusion of things and what I have started....hop on over to the New Blog, and give me a follow there. I have it set up, pages all arranged, and still doing some minor tweaks with it, but have it running, and am gaining followers there slowly too. I had found a place that was showing some of my "old" blog posts that I had done here, and so was prepping for adding those posts to the new blog as well too. Course, they will have a little bit of some revising done to them as well for fear of duplicating things in Google's eyes.

I just cannot believe this happened, and what a mess.....I am so so very sorry everyone, and I truly apologize as ya'll have been such great people here too! I was sooo worried about finding all of you again, and finding ways to let you know what had happened. All I could do was reach to places I thought maybe I had been found with, and hoped it would help with some people...which it has. But, not knowing definitely where everyone was coming from made it harder, and all I could do was do the best I knew to do. 

So, making my long story short...trying to anyway. I deeply apologize for this mishap, and the situation of all of this. I have a gmail account set up with my new blog that is ONLY for that blog, and nothing else to further stop any issues like this again. If you will I ask that you please follow me over to my New Blog, and give me a follow there since that once has become active, and others are aware of it too. I appreciate your understandings with all of this, and again apologize deeply for this as well. If you are using my LilacsNDreams .com domain that is great as it has been directed to the new blog as soon as all of this happened - I spent all day on that Monday working on the new blog, and getting it out there for everyone too. Also, here is the New Blog addy to follow with if you will please everyone http://www.LilacsNDreams2.blogspot.com 

Thank You so very very much everyone, and hope to see you at the New Place. Ya'll take care, and have a wonderful day. See Ya!:)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Changes by End of Year

Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza Changes by End of Year, have you heard?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Always a pleasure to see you dropping by. For those who sell vintage, and antiques you know about the market place called Ruby Lane. At some point they had made a sister site which is called Ruby Plaza where you could sell your items of new, and not vintage. There are many sellers who were enjoying having both sites to work with, and sell with too. Well, it is now being announced that Ruby Lane is going to be closing it's sister site of Ruby Plaza. The site will still be active, sellers can still sell there, the sellers there are also given some options for moving their items into Ruby Lane, and for those who sell there...it is best to see this detailed information from the site so that during the process of discussing this there is no misinterpretation of what the rules, and changes are for you. 

Like any other site when this happens you have questions of what do you do now? Where do I put my items that are not considered vintage, some are new, and some are thrift store finds too. One place I am going to suggest watching different sellers with is at the Social Network of Vintage Rising. This site is a sister site to the Vintage Village, and with the announcement of Ruby Plaza closing Lora the site owner, and administrator of the Villages had an idea, and has gone to work with it too. Vintage Rising started out as a social network where others could share about their items handmade, altered, vintage. Items that had been repurposed, and upcycled using vintage components of sorts. With this new announcement Lora is adding more to this site. Sellers that are members there will now be able to show their items from Thrift Store Finds also. Items of new, gently used, and things you would find in Thrift Stores. On the site this is will be called Thrift Store Alley. How neat of an idea this is too! Here you contact the seller themselves about purchasing the item of interest, and they will direct you how to pay by either sending you an invoice directly, or some may choose to have you purchase through a venue of choice they have chosen too. 

Things are being worked on with the site, and Lora is moving fast to get things accomplished for sellers already there to use, but I would suggest keeping an eye on this place for purchases of interest within the categories of Thrift Store Finds. How fun is that going to be, and how convenient by doing this too...don't you think? I am excited myself to have another place that I can show some of the items I have to offer without worrying about the venues of choice that would, or would not allow such items to be offered for sale. 

Keep in mind that many still use ebay, and complain of the fees, and the changes they keep having too. There is also ecrater where people can offer payments through paypal, or google checkout. Some are using Facebook, and using yardsellr through there too. I have also looked at this place too since I am still working on downsizing my inventory myself:)

Hope this bit of information can be of help to some of you who do online sales. At least if you did not know about it you do now, and are able to visit the sites to find out more about all of this too. Keep in mind there are still many venues out there that are still be used too. Along with that some are using their blogs to sell with....see something you like, contact me, and I will bill you directly through paypal, google checkout, or amazon payments myself:) Some people also have their own websites too. Whatever the case is there are many online sellers of many things to be offered to You. 

Hey, thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone. As always I enjoy the visits, the comments, and everything that others share too. Ya'll take care, and see you again real soon. Have a super weekend!:)

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