Monday, August 31, 2009

***I Started Posting Again:-)***

Well, here it is Mon nite, and tryin to do catch up with everything. After doing a few pics today, toying around wth ideas & etc. I finally made a start. I posted 3 items to Ebay. My ID there is: lilacsndreams I posted 3 items from the Homer Laughlin Pink Rose Design sets that I have. Tomorrow I hope to get a few more pics done & maybe post a few more things. Haven't felt the best today, so will see how I am doin tomorrow. are a couple of pics of what I posted. I have 2 of the same bowls posted & then 1 gravy boat too. I forgot how many lovely pieces from this set I had till I went thru about a couple of boxes today. HMM...kind of excited to pull more out now. Well, after many months of not selling anything I decided to go back into Ebay & give it a start there. But, am still thinking about Bonanzle too. Will keep you posted. Have a Good Evening everyone!:-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

***Saturday Evening***

Good Evening Bloggers! WOW! I have spent the afternoon...since I got home...just lookin at other peoples blogs, reading them, meeting different people & places. There is just sooo much out there with not enough time to cover it all! There are some really great bloggers out there who really have some great things to show whether it is personal, journaling, their businesses, their homes, etc. I have enjoyed many many of them & have made sure that I do what I can to follow them too. All the blogs are inspiring, creative, suggestive, honest, and etc. They are from everywhere:-) I have also enjoyed finding some that are within the same state as me, or near by. I wish to thank all the bloggers I have visited so far, and tell them to keep up the good work! Things look great, and I have enjoyed my time in visiting them too. Thanks so much everyone, and I hope that some day I can get to where you are. Hope everyone is having a Great Weekend so far! Take care...Kim

Friday, August 28, 2009

*** HELLO WEEKEND:-) ***

Good Evening Everyone!:) Hope ya'll had a great day & of course a beautiful start to an excellent weekend, right?:) I had many things to do today, but found myself home bound instead & lounging. Rather...working on the computer transferring files, cleaning things out, etc. I did get a few more pics done of things around the house again. Just in a sharing mood right now. The hanging lamp is 1 that use to hang in my Grandmother's bedroom over a rocker. Works great yet & I try my hardest to make sure I always find a place to show it:) Next is another lil white wicker basket that she use to keep in her bathroom too. You know, to put whatever in, or maybe an extra roll of paper, huh? Next to the basket is an Avon powder talc with the box & a full container I had found a couple of years ago. HMM...Then, there is the durable old plastic canisters I have sitting on top the cupboards in the kitchen. Don't make things like they use to back then, that's for sure!

Here is a wooden like purse that is varnished, has the lil tarnished brass lookin handles wth its lil hook for closing. The design on front is also found on the back side too. Not big, but yummy wth some of the home decor:)

The 1st pic is a wall hangin wth the appearance of wood & crackled paint, but isn't. It hung with me for quite a few yrs, but I am changing some things again:) Next is an adorable palette that hangs in the bathroom I have had for at least 6 1/2 yrs & bought it used too. Does have the sticker on the back wth a small explanation of the making of these. So cute!:)

The 1st pic is a black & white photo that has the paper backing with the wire hanger for hanging. My mother? Then, the oval pic is of my great grandmother & great grandfather. Still looks new as the day it was done. I was remembering that I have quite a few black & white photos in my box upstairs. My problem is not knowing who some of them are between family & friends. Unfortunately, my mother, my grandmother & great-grandparents are no longer with me to help me thru this part. So, what does a person do with these items then? Do they keep on being stored as they are, or does one bring them out & frame them, collage them, etc? HMM...that is one I will have to think about, and note some ideas along the way. I know that some of them I could scrapbook wth some gorgeous antique vintage looking papers to show them more. Oh, we'll have to see. Well, I have some more places to visit, people to see, people to drop in on & etc. So, I better be off to them. I just LUV looking at everyones' blogs, what they are doing, what they have to say, etc. If you can, take the time to visit some of them too:) Hope ya'll have a Great Evening! Take care till the next time...Toodles...:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~**~ Sharing A Few Treasures Found ~**~

Hello everyone in blogland!:) I have been busy the past few days with searching for different lil treasures. I have not found as much as I would like to so far, but have made a start to add to some of the other inventory that I have at home too:) The pcs in the 1 picture are adorable enough to hang OR sit. The tiles in the centers have the Enesco stickers on their backside. Now, when I seen this precious moments angel I could not resist! I luv precious moments & collect them as often as I can, if the price is right, condition good, and etc. I could not find a flaw with this pc & will make sure it sits up away from our grand daughters visits & her lil fingers that like to touch & get a hold of things too. Then, there was the canister set that I found! Just yummy! The cork bottoms are in very good shape & I adore the vintage look that is on the top of them. The pcs have some nice weight to them also. Then, this is 1 of the salt & pepper shaker sets I found. This stoneware set is in great shape with no chips, cracks, fractures, etc. On the front it shows the Land O Lakes Feed & on the bottom side of each pc it is engraved with the yr. 1993. I was impressed wth the condition of things I found these past few days & how everything has cleaned up well with just a lite lil wash to them. Oh, yeah, I did find a few hankies too:) Got some more oxyclean so that I may clean those up just a bit too. Nothing serious, but it always makes things feel just a lil fresher when I clean & wash them. I hope that you enjoy what I am able to share wth you. I am a lil upset as I did forget my camera today & want to start carrying that for those kodak moments of times I have seen:) Have a Great Evening Everyone!:) Till next time....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~*~*~ FRANKOMA ~*~*~

Happy "HUMP DAY" Everyone!:) Beautiful day out, got cloudy, then cleared, and was so nice out with no humidity. Wish it could be like this all year round...HMM:) Ok, I was looking thru shelves in my computer/office room & look what I found staring at me I had forgotten about! This adorable Frankoma planter, bowl, and etc. I like the Frankoma pottery as it is natural, and earthy looking too. How the clay is designed & shown, the coloring & the glazing makes it just so natural looking with so many uses:) I also am looking at some wooden shutters I have an trying to decide if I want to paint them, strip them & revarnish them lighter, etc. I want to use them for wall hangings, make shelves, put some glass knobs on for hanging, or maybe some antique tarnished like hooks...HMM...what to do. It will come to me sometime:) I also realized today going down the road I really really need to start carrying my camera with me! Sometimes I see things that are just so natural & beautiful in their own way that I would luv to share them with someone else & hope they can see what I am seeing too. Maybe if I put a sticky note on my forehead? LOL...Anyway, I hope everyones' week has gone well so far. Take care fellow bloggers till the next time...Later:) Kim

Monday, August 24, 2009

***It's Monday!!:)***

Hello Everyone & I hope ya'll had a Great Weekend! Well, here it is Monday, and I know everyone is usually draggin by then. But, have you ever thought about it really tho? Does anyone ever say Happy Monday?:) I know, I know:) Ok, anyway, I spent time with family this weekend, goin thru a few things, bringing them out, wipin them down, and now need to start picturing & storing those pics to get ready to start posting things to sell. In some of the inventory I have I found these 2 fairy lights. Aren't they just gorgeous?! Course, I like blue glassware. It is 1 of my favorites. The bigger darker fairy light pictured is 1 like from Indiana Glass & the smaller soft blue fairy light is a Fenton pc. The 1st set of pics got kind of blury..UGH! Sorry about that:( I did show the pcs together, 1 with a candle in it to show the see thru & beautiful shine the pc has & then the pcs separated too. Keep in mind there is always more than 1 possibility wth these adorable pcs too:) Either together, separately wth the candle, the bottom used for candy dish, to hold your lil trinkets, etc. Depending what you do can set the mood for different times too:) Hope you are getting ideas from this & I will keep ya'll posted when they are available for sale. Till the next time, have a Great Monday:) Take care!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Saturday

Ok, it is only Saturday, nice out, sunny & feelin good. Hope ya'll are enjoying the weekend so far. Just wanted to check in & make sure my last publishing from Fri made it here wth some pics I took too. Looks like it did, WHEW!:) Well, I came across a couple of other things that will also be listing for sale. I am hoping to give kind of a feel for what items I have to offer, what I look for in my treasure hunting, and etc. I try to offer an electic group of treasures so that maybe it will appeal to everyone, or most. Sooo, I better get busy wth a few more pics & will get back to ya'll later. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

~*~ TGIF ~*~

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!:) It has been cloudy, rainy, and sunny here too. Great day to get some things done. So, in the basement I was bringing up a few boxes & along with a couple of bags, some shoes & a small desk I loaded them into the Tahoe & went to town to donate to a place where everyone takes items that they no longer need/want. Now, if I could just make a few more trips like this I would feel really really good about downsizing, and cleaning around here. Not to discourage, it is coming slowly for me. I did get a few items dusted off I pulled from a shelf of items that I intend to sell on the internet.

The pictures you are viewing are of 2 sets of salt & pepper shakers. The stone looking ones are the Mikasas set...I luv how this brand holds up thru time. The other set came from a dish set that I have of some limoges. Although these aren't marked limoges, they sure do look like the set that I got them with:) HMM! Just luv them colors! Along with this same design you will see a creamer...still lookin to see if I can find the sugar bowl, and also a gravy boat. It is sooo hard to let some things go. Then, you will see 2 primitive lookin pcs that I had gotten from an auction a few yrs ago of a dear friend who was a collector of all collectors! Sure do miss her. These 2 pcs I did take pics to show the front view & back view of the pcs. Anyway, I have NOT posted these anywhere yet & still tryin to decide if it will be Ebay, Bonanzle or eCrater. When I do post them I will make sure to let ya'll know where they are at, ok? I just wanted to share some of the pcs that I sell. **I deeply apologize to all of you, due to some computer cliche this did not get published as I had intended:( Sorry about that**

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day!:-)

Hello Everyone who stops by to visit:) Today is 'Hump Day' Wednesday & what a day so far! Watched our son's 1st car be towed away to the junk yard:) It rained lil bit this mornin. Been havin major computer problems! Need a new computer which I kept pushin off. So...before I will really start sellin anything I would really like to get a new computer 1st so there would be no delays during that time. Cleaned out a few more things in computer/office room to get ready for boxes, product, shipping supplies, etc. I found a few more things to sell than what I thought I had to start back up again:-) The other day I had gone back to look at some beautiful white wood shutters that was sticking in my mind. It looks like someone had used them as swinging doors in their home. I really really thought about it, but after seein them again decided against it. Just wouldn't work for what I was thinkin. Oh, well, wasn't meant to be & there will always be somethin else out there for me, right?:) Well, just tryin to do a lil catch up while computer is working & wanted to make a note here too. Hope everyone is havin a Great Week & that you are finding all your treasures thru your searches. Take care everyone & Have a Great Week!:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello Again Everyone:)

Well, here it is Saturday & I just do not feel like doing anything. I have plenty to do, but it has been cloudy, rainy & the setting is just not right to be takin pics of items that will be listed for sale by me. I am not quite ready to start selling is coming soon:) But, wanted to try to get things in order before I post. Deciding what items to start wth 1st, getting pics done & storing them, which site to sell it at, etc. You get the picture, right? Thanks:) Hope everyone has been enjoying their Saturday & that the rest of the weekend will be all that you want it to be. Take care everyone & thanks for stopping by to visit, peek in, take a look, catch up, be nosey:) and etc. I've enjoyed it!:-} My friend has informed me that my name is starting to show up with some of the search engines & that I am thankful for:) Thanks for bearing with me all, and hanging in there as we have many more ventures to cover together. Till the next time...Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

QUICK Note Ya'll

Just a quick note to all of you as I am looking my blog over & reading everything. I knew this would happen, that I would forget something, but here is a correction to the 1st post I did. I noted to you the places I sell items at & right now I have been active with Ebay. I noted other places which I have not posted to yet, but have signed up to them & considering selling there also. Just waitin on a few more supplies & my postal scale that was sent in for repair. I am signed up with Bonanzle, Etsy & I have also signed on with eCrater too--Just not selling at these places quite yet. Ebay is not quite as fun as it use to be, and I like a relaxed atmosphere when I shop, sell & feel others should have the same feeling too:) Almost forgot again:) I am also listed on Twitter & trying my hand at that too. Just a small person trying to do something with her spare time, make a lil money if I can on the side, learning from others & willing to share with others, and of course enjoying the company of many friends made along the way!:)

FINALLY! Decided to Post:-}

Ok,I am nervous about this cuz I want things to look good, be rt, all in order, blah blah blah. But, I have finally decided it was time to get this baby open to all fellow bloggers. After all, I read all of your things, why shouldn't mine be read too. Or, things shared would be great too!:-} So, with this you will see quite a few pics I took of some things on the 1st floor of our home. They are not things that are for sale, but was tryin to give you an idea of some things I like myself. Also, to give a feel for some of the things that I do offer for resale too. Of course I like wooden candle holders which we have on both floors of our home. And, I do own a couple of ceramic made ones too. I luv would items, glasswares, tins, definitely things with a past, etc. I am a simple person who takes great pleasures in the small things, and luv to search for them too. The "Hunt" is always an exciting & relaxing time too:}

Sorry for sooo many pics at once. I am tryin to get a feel for this, get comfortable, and there are just sooo many things a person wants to share to make you comfortable, and to get a better feel for what I do & enjoy:) So, kick back, read, look, and enjoy. Stop back anytime to visit & do feel free to share too. Have a Great Day/Evening Everyone!!:-}
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