Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~*~*~ FRANKOMA ~*~*~

Happy "HUMP DAY" Everyone!:) Beautiful day out, got cloudy, then cleared, and was so nice out with no humidity. Wish it could be like this all year round...HMM:) Ok, I was looking thru shelves in my computer/office room & look what I found staring at me I had forgotten about! This adorable Frankoma planter, bowl, and etc. I like the Frankoma pottery as it is natural, and earthy looking too. How the clay is designed & shown, the coloring & the glazing makes it just so natural looking with so many uses:) I also am looking at some wooden shutters I have an trying to decide if I want to paint them, strip them & revarnish them lighter, etc. I want to use them for wall hangings, make shelves, put some glass knobs on for hanging, or maybe some antique tarnished like hooks...HMM...what to do. It will come to me sometime:) I also realized today going down the road I really really need to start carrying my camera with me! Sometimes I see things that are just so natural & beautiful in their own way that I would luv to share them with someone else & hope they can see what I am seeing too. Maybe if I put a sticky note on my forehead? LOL...Anyway, I hope everyones' week has gone well so far. Take care fellow bloggers till the next time...Later:) Kim

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