Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Lilacs-N-Dreams

Hello to all of you in the land of blogging!:) Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope to see you again soon. This is a working progress for me with this blog. I have been spending time researching, reading-reading & more reading of others out there, looking at other fellow bloggers & other blog sights & WOW! So much to see, so lil time to read, but everyone is really doing good with their blogs from what I have read!:} Soon I am hoping to be comfortable enough with this to just go ahead & post it. So...if you luv second hand items, lil treasures, junkin, flea markets, thrift stores, good wills, vintage, antiques, things with a past (and probably stories to be told) along with unique items then I hope we can have some fun together whether conversing, or sharing things. I do sell things like this on Ebay, Bonanzle, working things out with Etsy, but with so many curves in life lately I have gotten away from it for a bit. I am slowly working on things again & soon should be operating in that area again too!:} It is summer & I took a break to set things up, do some research, look at other places & etc. I have also signed up with Twitter, am on Facebook, signed up with MySpace also, and well...I will have to come back in here & just fill ya'll in a little more about that now, won't I? I luv working with people & look forward to serving you. Again, thanks so much for visiting & hope to see you again soon. Have a Great Week!:-} Kim
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