Saturday, July 31, 2010

Google Sites Web Page Set Up

Good Morning everyone! Whew! I still need to get to bed. But, I had to stop by here, and let ya'll know how it went with working on my google site today. I did work on the page more, I worked with godaddy to forward my address to there also. Give it about 48 hrs to be safe, but if you go to LilacsNDreams  you should be able to see so far what I have done. Please, it is not perfect, still a working progress as I am trying to understand some of it too. But, I have made a good start I think with it. For others who would like to do a page...Hey, it's free, and gives you more exposure because it is google too. Go to and start with things there. Also, you Do Not have to have your address as a .com, sign up with godaddy to get it, or anything like that. You will get an address for your site there which will be Your Name Will be Here. That will be how your address will look. Since I had godaddy signed up for, paid for, I might as well use it, right? I did have it signed up to my blog prior to this. 

Anyway, hope ya'll have a great weekend, and have fun with all you do! Meet with ya'll later. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google Site Web Page

Hello to all who stop to visit & see me today:) Glad to have you here!:) Whew! Hot one here today, how is it your way? I spent 3 hrs mowing the property today, and later tomorrow will finish up around the house, and behind the big barn. Did I get burnt between my shoulders...little hot tonight there:) 

I started a new web page with google. Why not, right? They are only the biggest thing for us to have to show things besides Facebook. I am not fully done, and it seems a bit confusing to work with, but I will keep working with it. Hey, free is good, right? I do have a .com reserved with my name at GoDaddy, and was trying to have that set with this pg at Google I am doing. Makes it more professional, and I can direct a lot more there...just like I could with my blog here. I tried it once, and made a mess of it with the blog here. I am not computer lit with some of this stuff, and have to learn as I go. Ok, the place to go to for this page to set up is at Google Sites As of right now, my site for there is LilacsNDreams If you visit there, please remember it is a working progress for me. I have another page from someone who has theirs done, and I am trying to follow, and understand how some things are done. I hope to be showing a lot more there as I work with it.

Well, I suppose I should be off to do a few more things. Spent all day away from computer since I was mowing...WOW! Suprised I did not have withdrawals from it:) But, mind was on other things mowing, ducking some of the tree branches, try to mow in between & around all the trees here, around all the barns & sheds, and etc. Hope ya'll had a wonderful day, and tomorrow brings more pleasure. Till the next time my friends....Toodles!:)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello & Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog

Hello again everyone, and thanks for stopping by to visit, read, view, or with finding me by search & roaming. As you can tell I LOVE purple, lilacs, lavenders, etc. I also am seeing that I am not the only one that likes these colors too...Whew! I just love the pastel colors when they are put together that looks so vintage too:) 

Ok, speaking of purple, you need to check out a blog that also is showing purple on their blog page, and they talk about the color too. Great person, kind, and works well with everyone too. Stop by to visit Bargain Express You won't be disappointed. In fact, you will see some other places featured there that also like purple whether it is with their blogs, their websites, what they are selling, and etc. Very enjoyable, and please view when you can.

Well, another favorite place I used for my blog backgrounds also is having issues due to the volumn they have, and with photobucket. So, I had to one more time work with a blog background for another page of mine. As of now, I have all but 1 of my blogs done with my own background, or the simple ones from blogger. Much safer that way, and I will not have to worry about something happening to them as they are mine...almost mine. 

Last night we had some heavy rain, lightening, and thunder that would shake my glassware in the house. Got a lot of rain, with some flooding in the area too. Please pray for those who were effected badly with it that they get through all of the damages, and are able to continue living in their homes. We lost power here for about 2-3 hrs, and I guess our road was pretty much wild early this morning when hubby left for work. But, we were fortunate to not have the damages others had. 

Well, everyone, off to la la land for me. Been a long day with catching up, and trying to work on things. Not fully listing like I want yet, but I am working with it, and did revise another listing today too. Plus, I need to get some projects done that I started with too. Glue, paint, glue, paint, sand....all that fun stuff!:) Take care & have a great evening everyone. Till the next time....Toodles!:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reminder For All Who Ning

Hello everyone & Thanks for stopping by here:) This one will be a quick message. For all those people who to some changes taking effect today, all the ning sights will be done for a good 2 hrs due to the maintenace & changes that Ning themselves are making. What use to be free is no longer free. Your Ning sight administrators have either taken on the task themselves, and paid or some of the sights have asked for donations to help with this change, and some have worked together as a group to raise money to keep their sights going. But, anyway....I just wanted to give a reminder to all who ning that the sights are down for maintenace for about 2 hrs toady, so not to worry:)

Hope ya'll have a beautiful fun day!:) Later...........

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bonanzle, eCrater, Summer Heat.........Hello Everyone!:)

Hello everyone, and Happy Fun Weekend to ya'll! Just dropping by here quick to check on things, and respond to new friends/followers.......Thank You!:) Hope the weather is good where ya'll are at because it is Hot Hot Hot here! Maybe storms tonight, and hot and muggy rest of week. Official hot summer tis here:) 

Keeping busy reading emails, blogging, facebooking, and want to list a few more things by tonight too...wish me luck. Empty house today, and on my own for a while to work. Didn't sleep hardly at all last 4 a.m. was up sanding on my box again to make me tired. Some areas the paint was doubled & harder to sand off, and the back area I don't think hardly any paint used & a different piece of wood then the rest of the box. I am seeing the wood graining here. I just have to finsih drawers I started on, and off to painting it. Then....decisions of scrapbook paper, wall paper, or some wall borders I have to for the top, back, and on the front drawers....just love creating!:)

Hope this finds everyone doing well, surviving the heat where ya are. Take care everyone, and you know me....I'll drop by here again:) Enjoy your weekend everyone!:)

Don't forget the clickable buttons to the side here for shopping wth my bonanzle booth, and my ecrater store. Also, I am working with my LilacsNDreams Store button above....can buy directly from there with paypal:)

Ok, enjoy all...Thanks for Visiting!....Later:-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Bloggers....Rose Cup and Saucer

Hello everyone, and welcome! I just love this time of year for thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, and etc....don't you?:) So many treasures to be had for resale, resuse, recycle, repurpose, and etc. Hmm...the possiblities...Love it! 

I did get an adoarable rose cup, and rose saucer listed at bonanzle for sale yesterday. adorable azure blue diamond point pattern bowl too! Lovely pieces, and need to stop by to check them out at LilacsNDreams Never know what other little treasures you might find there to catch your attention too:) 

While taking some pictures for listings, researching, reading & responding to emails, taking care of facebook & my blogs...I have also been trying to sand an item, do a little bit of painting with a lace wall hanging I am revising for resale, rearranging some things at home, etc. I have been multitasking lately...trying to get my body out of this vacation mode it has been in lately. 

Well, I suppose I better be off to getting some more work done here. Hoping ya'll are having a great day, and thanks for stopping by to visit. Take care till the next time. Later.......
Thank You for Visiting!:>)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to LilacsNDreams

Hello again everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by my new blog page!:) Whew! What a week it has been so about you? I have been working a little more with sanding a project to paint, I had been slowly adding some decorative tube painting to a lace wall hanging I am working on revising, taking pictures of before I got started, and also pictures of items I am getting ready to list for sale. After taking pictures I spent a little time resizing them for quicker loading for everyone, have them filed, started some research again for some, and hopefully by tonight I am listing some things. 

Am tiring a little bit today. Still have the momentum, but am slowing down just a bit. Hmm..maybe time to take a break? Yeah, kick back a bit, and then come on back to do some more work....that's what it's all about, right? Hope this finds everyone having a great day! Have Fun & Be Happy Everyone!:) Thanks for visiting & come again soon.........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yippee!! Doin the Happy Dance!:)

Hello again everyone & WELCOME to the new face of my blog! Whew! What a work out I got with this one! I am not computer literate, and anything I learn I do from watching people, writing down instructions, and try to understand & put it together. Well, I played around with a few other colors for backgrounds...trying to keep it happy, comfy, and inviting for ya'll too. So far I have ended up with this one. Shows my favorite colors of pastel with it, and I hope ya'll like it too:) I am going to keep this short, it is lightening out, and the power shut down briefly for a split second. So, it is time to shut down for the night. Anyway, let me know what ya'll think of the new layout I put together myself, ok? Be safe everyone, and enjoy your evening!:) Later.............

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Working Progress

Hello again everyone. Please do not be alarmed about the differences in the background coloring. I have to play with this more to figure out what I did. But, it is a start, it is my own background & coloring so no one can cancel this on me....unless I do something wrong at photo bucket myself:-) Hang in there everyone, I almost have it!!:) Later...........

Hello Bloggers and Friends

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a super weekend thus far! FIRST OF ALL, I would like to thank the new followers that have recently joined with me here....Thank You!:) Sorry, I am getting busier, and it is becoming harder to send out special thank yous to you individually as I had been doing. 

As we can see, I am still working with the background for this blog yet. I have not yet found one that I like for here, and have been reading a little bit about how to maybe make my own background for the blog too. Hmmm...I have to check on this more, but maybe that is something that I will do also. See how far I can get with it, right? I am not the most literate in this area, and I learn as I go, and make many mistakes along the way. But, I eventually get there:)

Gorgeous here today, but is definitely warmer out too. Sounds like maybe storms again later tonight. I did get some pictures done for items I am hoping to list this weekend yet. I have weighed the items, have done some research on for most of the items, have downloaded the pictures taken for them, and almost there to list...finally:) Haven't done it for a while. So, need to start up with my routine of doing this again. Sorry, but have been enjoying my time with meeting people through facebook, the group I started at facebook, another blog I started for that group.....and yes the backgrounds for the others have been done already...just haven't gotten this one done yet. Little more precious blog here to deal with as this is my business name I have used for years, and it has been growing with me as I with it too:) By the way, I have it checked for my Share Buttons to be showing at the bottom of each of my messages for the day, in my editing it shows it there, but upon viewing my blog it isn't there. Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening? Please share if you do...Thank You:)

Well, I better be off to reading, and researching this blog background/template thing a little more. Wish me luck everyone!:) Take care......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Again Everyone!

Hello again everyone:) I am working with my blog trying out some different layouts here....wishing I knew how to get the other one back since I did keep the code for it in a file...UGH! Something of a glitch with photobucket...I seen other places comment that do free blog backgrounds. So, please bear with me everyone as I try to figure something out here. Not sure if I like this one yet...possibilities....trying to keep an open mind. I was just use to my other one, and I am having a hard time adjusting. Hang in there everyone, I will get this worked out again:)

Again, I apologize for the template changes taking place with my background, and hope to soon have something done with this. Thank you for your consideration with this issue:)

WOW! Changes!

Hello everyone! I am back! Should have come back sooner because the background, or template to my blog has been wiped out. The place I was using that did such great work, is having an issue with photobucket where they store everything. So, till things are worked out there, I got wiped out. Wish I would have known this sooner. Sadly, I was kind of happy with the way my blog was looking, the colors I had chosen, and etc. Now, I have to figure something else out, and see if I can find something close to what I had again. 

So, if anyone knows of a good place to use, some suggestions for me to go look at, I would greatly appreciate it:>) But, I better be off to bed, and get up, and start searching for this again here. Have a Great Evening everyone, and I hope ya'll had a splendid 4th of July Weekend!:>) Later....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!

Wanted to stop by & wish everyone a Safe & Happy 4th of July Weekend!! May ya'll have fun:) I am heading out myself to see what is out there. Our All School Class Reunion is this weekend. Happy hour started for my class at a classmates home, and then later is the street dance where all will come together. Unfortunately, they are predicting storms tonight, and right now the sky is clouding, but hopefully it will let all of us come together before anything really happens...would be nice, right?

Well, ya'll take care & enjoy the weekend! Be Safe...there are other crazies out there besides us!:) Take care, and enjoy all!!:-)
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