Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello & Welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog

Hello again everyone, and thanks for stopping by to visit, read, view, or with finding me by search & roaming. As you can tell I LOVE purple, lilacs, lavenders, etc. I also am seeing that I am not the only one that likes these colors too...Whew! I just love the pastel colors when they are put together that looks so vintage too:) 

Ok, speaking of purple, you need to check out a blog that also is showing purple on their blog page, and they talk about the color too. Great person, kind, and works well with everyone too. Stop by to visit Bargain Express You won't be disappointed. In fact, you will see some other places featured there that also like purple whether it is with their blogs, their websites, what they are selling, and etc. Very enjoyable, and please view when you can.

Well, another favorite place I used for my blog backgrounds also is having issues due to the volumn they have, and with photobucket. So, I had to one more time work with a blog background for another page of mine. As of now, I have all but 1 of my blogs done with my own background, or the simple ones from blogger. Much safer that way, and I will not have to worry about something happening to them as they are mine...almost mine. 

Last night we had some heavy rain, lightening, and thunder that would shake my glassware in the house. Got a lot of rain, with some flooding in the area too. Please pray for those who were effected badly with it that they get through all of the damages, and are able to continue living in their homes. We lost power here for about 2-3 hrs, and I guess our road was pretty much wild early this morning when hubby left for work. But, we were fortunate to not have the damages others had. 

Well, everyone, off to la la land for me. Been a long day with catching up, and trying to work on things. Not fully listing like I want yet, but I am working with it, and did revise another listing today too. Plus, I need to get some projects done that I started with too. Glue, paint, glue, paint, sand....all that fun stuff!:) Take care & have a great evening everyone. Till the next time....Toodles!:)

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  1. I enjoyed my visit to your blog! I will definitely come back!
    I would love for you to pay me a visit sometime....


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