Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reminder For All Who Ning

Hello everyone & Thanks for stopping by here:) This one will be a quick message. For all those people who ning...social networks...do to some changes taking effect today, all the ning sights will be done for a good 2 hrs due to the maintenace & changes that Ning themselves are making. What use to be free is no longer free. Your Ning sight administrators have either taken on the task themselves, and paid or some of the sights have asked for donations to help with this change, and some have worked together as a group to raise money to keep their sights going. But, anyway....I just wanted to give a reminder to all who ning that the sights are down for maintenace for about 2 hrs toady, so not to worry:)

Hope ya'll have a beautiful fun day!:) Later...........

1 comment:

  1. Good blog idea (wish I had thought of it LOL)! Your pages are still some of my favorites - I love purple - and I featured one of your logos in my latest blog because of the color.


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