Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google Site Web Page

Hello to all who stop to visit & see me today:) Glad to have you here!:) Whew! Hot one here today, how is it your way? I spent 3 hrs mowing the property today, and later tomorrow will finish up around the house, and behind the big barn. Did I get burnt between my shoulders...little hot tonight there:) 

I started a new web page with google. Why not, right? They are only the biggest thing for us to have to show things besides Facebook. I am not fully done, and it seems a bit confusing to work with, but I will keep working with it. Hey, free is good, right? I do have a .com reserved with my name at GoDaddy, and was trying to have that set with this pg at Google I am doing. Makes it more professional, and I can direct a lot more there...just like I could with my blog here. I tried it once, and made a mess of it with the blog here. I am not computer lit with some of this stuff, and have to learn as I go. Ok, the place to go to for this page to set up is at Google Sites As of right now, my site for there is LilacsNDreams If you visit there, please remember it is a working progress for me. I have another page from someone who has theirs done, and I am trying to follow, and understand how some things are done. I hope to be showing a lot more there as I work with it.

Well, I suppose I should be off to do a few more things. Spent all day away from computer since I was mowing...WOW! Suprised I did not have withdrawals from it:) But, mind was on other things mowing, ducking some of the tree branches, try to mow in between & around all the trees here, around all the barns & sheds, and etc. Hope ya'll had a wonderful day, and tomorrow brings more pleasure. Till the next time my friends....Toodles!:)

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