Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Bloggers....Rose Cup and Saucer

Hello everyone, and welcome! I just love this time of year for thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, and etc....don't you?:) So many treasures to be had for resale, resuse, recycle, repurpose, and etc. Hmm...the possiblities...Love it! 

I did get an adoarable rose cup, and rose saucer listed at bonanzle for sale yesterday. adorable azure blue diamond point pattern bowl too! Lovely pieces, and need to stop by to check them out at LilacsNDreams Never know what other little treasures you might find there to catch your attention too:) 

While taking some pictures for listings, researching, reading & responding to emails, taking care of facebook & my blogs...I have also been trying to sand an item, do a little bit of painting with a lace wall hanging I am revising for resale, rearranging some things at home, etc. I have been multitasking lately...trying to get my body out of this vacation mode it has been in lately. 

Well, I suppose I better be off to getting some more work done here. Hoping ya'll are having a great day, and thanks for stopping by to visit. Take care till the next time. Later.......
Thank You for Visiting!:>)


  1. I just love cups and saucers especially with roses on them. I have quite a few all bought at boot fairs in the UK. I never see them here in France, but I do find lots of other things at Flea markets. I love the weekends in summer as there are so many to go to, though the house is beginning to overflow!!

  2. Hello Kim:) Giving a visit from The Primitive Peddler where we just met:) I'll be watching for you on etsy.

  3. Thanks for the visits everyone, and the follows:) I have tried to respond individually, and blogger having a thing happening again. If it didn't get to you, I am sooo sorry!:)

    Ya'll have a super fun weekend!:)


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