Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello Bloggers and Friends

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a super weekend thus far! FIRST OF ALL, I would like to thank the new followers that have recently joined with me here....Thank You!:) Sorry, I am getting busier, and it is becoming harder to send out special thank yous to you individually as I had been doing. 

As we can see, I am still working with the background for this blog yet. I have not yet found one that I like for here, and have been reading a little bit about how to maybe make my own background for the blog too. Hmmm...I have to check on this more, but maybe that is something that I will do also. See how far I can get with it, right? I am not the most literate in this area, and I learn as I go, and make many mistakes along the way. But, I eventually get there:)

Gorgeous here today, but is definitely warmer out too. Sounds like maybe storms again later tonight. I did get some pictures done for items I am hoping to list this weekend yet. I have weighed the items, have done some research on for most of the items, have downloaded the pictures taken for them, and almost there to list...finally:) Haven't done it for a while. So, need to start up with my routine of doing this again. Sorry, but have been enjoying my time with meeting people through facebook, the group I started at facebook, another blog I started for that group.....and yes the backgrounds for the others have been done already...just haven't gotten this one done yet. Little more precious blog here to deal with as this is my business name I have used for years, and it has been growing with me as I with it too:) By the way, I have it checked for my Share Buttons to be showing at the bottom of each of my messages for the day, in my editing it shows it there, but upon viewing my blog it isn't there. Anyone have any ideas of why this is happening? Please share if you do...Thank You:)

Well, I better be off to reading, and researching this blog background/template thing a little more. Wish me luck everyone!:) Take care......

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