Friday, March 26, 2010

THANK YOU!! Facebook Fan Page 100 & Growing!!

            THANK YOU!!!
Wanted to stop by real quick as I was working on my facebook fan page...finally got a cute background to use there so it is not sooo boring to visit:) Anyway...I now have 100 fans there on my fan page, and wanted to thank everyone who has signed up to my fan page, added me, and etc. It is sooo hard to keep up with everyone personally, and I try to do it by addressing everyone at once through my blog, anything I might comment about on my fan page, and etc. If I can keep it growing I just might have to consider some kind of a Thank You by having a Special drawing, or something when it gets to a certain mark. Hmmm....this is a working progress for me to think about. Please, everyone bear with me as I am getting ready for graduation in May, food, invitations, and etc. I am doing this myself...don't mind it, but it is a little bit time consuming. So, again, I apologize for any delays in responses, and ask you all to bear with me during this time. THANKS!! again to all, have a beautiful weekend! Thank You for making mine pleasurable with all the followers on my fan page, and here on my blogspot too!!:-) You all are beautiful people!:-)

Thrift Store, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Spring, Junking

Hello Everyone & Happy Friday to all! Sorry, been absent for few days. Been rushing here, rushing there, and trying to fit time in with everything in between, and not getting things fully done. It's a working progress.

Hmm, the smell of spring, the feel of spring, and everything good that comes with it too:-) I am sooo looking forward to the thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, etc. I also am anxious to go junking! Yes, Junking! Everyone is going to be cleaning their homes out with spring cleaning, businesses are changing for the season, or whatever the excuse may be. Many things will be thrown out, set aside to give away, and etc. This I really like. Many treasures to be found this way. Dig, dig, and more digging....take it home, clean it up, paint it, touch it up, refurbish it in some way, or completely repurpose matter what it is still the same piece, and has now served it's purpose too.

Last weekend I got some things from a small flea market type deal that puts the money towards redoing the library. Sometimes you can find some really good things there, and it is pretty much considered free will donations there. Some things are marked which is understandable with that too. I got an old window, with the glass yet, has been painted, has an old hook latch on it, and some flowers were already added to it. Anyway, it is in my dining room right now, does have the hook on back for hanging, but I will not hang it till I redo the flowers a little bit. Don't take me wrong, I like the colors in the flowers, they are nice, and do look great in homes, but it is not me. Once I get it done I am thinking of putting it on our bedroom wall with a straw hat that has ribbon & flowers around it I had done for my grandmother, and also some soft pastel picture frames that instead of pics in them I have added different things of interest: scrapbook paper for the background, painted cardboard keys, distressed wooden like fence, and just little things like that. 

When....I get this done I will make sure to take some pics to share with everyone too. Before this gets any longer, and becomes boring I shall stop for now. Hope ya'll have a great weekend, and enjoy 'Spring' that is finally in the air now!:-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bonanzle, Homer Laughlin, Pink Rose Dishes

Hello everyone! This won't be long as it is getting late here! Gotta get to bed so can get up with papers, go to bank, and ask them what the heck they are doing? Hubby's bank account has 2 transactions from Paypal or Paypal/Ebay. But...he hasn't used the accounts for about 2 yrs now. Paypal can show NO history as there is none to show, and ebay shows no transactions/invoicing since 2008. Sooo, how the heck are these charges coming to his account? The new paypal card that was sent has never been activated, and the credit card listed with paypal is expired. Shows that in red wording, and I have never put his new card at paypal. Wasn't being used, so why? husband can't use his bank card as it needs to be replaced. It cannot be scanned, so he needs a new one. But, today at the bank they are showing 3 ATM transactions....WOW! I am really thinking that someone is messing with account numbers, something is being crossed here, or whatever. But, it is not right, and they better be able to explain to me what is happening too!

Well everyone, wish me luck. Stop by and see the booth at bonanzle. Roam, lounge, chat, view, and all the above while you are there. I still have some of the Homer Laughlin Pink Rose dishes left. But, they are going, and what is available is becoming smaller in numbers. I just sold 5 more dinner plates, and the gorgeous gravy boat with attached underplate too.  Take care everyone, and hopefully will be back here with good news, and things have been resolved. Have a Great Evening all! Good Night...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Everyone AND Hello:)

Thank You for the response to Thrifting!:) I am sooo happy to see there are other addicts out there like me who like to thrift, yard sales, good wills, estates, and etc. The thrill of the hunt, right? You know, some people would consider us addicts to this, and say we have a problem. I decided I am beyond help in this issue. So, I will keep doing what I do, and enjoying it too!:) Well, right now I am in a rush to meet a scheduled appointment. So, wanted to drop in, and say hello to all while I could. Hope everyone has a great day, and a beautiful weekend too! Stay warm, enjoy the sunshine, maybe snow yet too, and have a productive day. Take care my blogging friends, and we will connect again soon. Good Day Everyone!:)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Clam Seashell Metal Decorative Dish, Nascar Race Car Wall Border


Hope everyone has enjoyed the day with everything green, and all the little leprachans running around too.=)

I am happy to announce that Bonanzle now has over 214,000 members and is still growing! It has been a very steady pace of new members, and with all the products being imported into the sight it is growing everyday with many more items to choose from too=)

Nascar Race Car Sport Room Wall Border has been listed to my bonanzle booth. You can see this, and a few more pictures of it at

Fabulous Metal Clam Seashell Metal Dish that was painted a matte white color, and has 3 painted balls for the feet too. Good Decorative Condition with many uses. Bath Soaps, Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Rolled Cloths, Candles, and etc. This has also been listed with my booth at bonanzle. You get a chance stop by to see the pictures for this item, and more description of it too. See it at 

Well, hope everyone has had a fun filled day, and again...Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!! Take care....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signature Housewares Bowl, Royal China Cherry Plate, A & W Rootbeer Bear......

Good Morning Everyone, and hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead that wonderful hour. Yawn...lost a little sleep, but will make up for it, right?:)

Lovely serving bowl by Signature Housewares Tablerock pattern that was recently listed in my booth at bonanzle. Lovely mauve color with white specs that you see on top of bowl.

Here is a sturdy Royal China by Jeannette Cherry Pie Plate that has also recently been listed with my bonanzle booth. Very sturdy stoneware piece that weighs about 2 1/2 pounds itself. Item is very clean and shiny, and looks almost like new yet. Mostly from time like all of us show:)

Remember A & W Restaurants? At one time You were served by carhops, the trays on your vehicle windows, A & W Rootbeer, the Rootbeer Floats, and etc. We had 1 in our home town that had been there for years, and a few months ago the restaurant closed. Hmm...miss them rootbeer floats, the chicken, and their burgers too. Don't forget maybe some onion rings!:) Well, this little guy is a reminder of those times for the collector of such, or if you are maybe a collector of bears too. This little guy has also been added to my booth at bonanzle.

While roaming your way around the internet today, stop by the booth at bonanzle, and see a few of the little treasures I have listed there. I always show 4 pictures for each listing, and if need be I will show more. I try to show as much possible so that everyone can kind of see it through my eyes what I am showing. Don't forget I do have a few things also listed at my etsy shop. To quickly access both of these places you can use my clickable buttons in the top of the right column on the blog here. 

Hope ya'll have a great day & are able to do what you all want to. Take care & Enjoy!:)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Blogging, Facebook

Hello again everyone!:) Darn! I was starting to have a little bit of hope...the sun came through for a short time. Oh well, nice to see it while we could:) I am a little bit behind with my goals I have set for the day. I downloaded pictures I took yesterday so that I could do some listings today with bonanzle. But, have spent most of the morning reading through facebook, seeing all the beautiful pictures there, and things being shared. Also, spending time looking at many different beautiful blogs that too show gorgeous pictures of things, people sharing their treasures, sharing their hand made treasures, their refurbished treasures, and etc. I just the love the internet for this that we can all in one way, or another share what we love the most, and what is meaningful to us. Whether it is personal, or for business purposes I enjoy it all, and thank all of you for sharing too!:)

A small note here, I would like to thank all those that visit me here with my blog, my selling venues at bonanzle, and with etsy. Also, for those that decide to follow me, I thank you also. Without all of you many of us would not do what we do today, or have the opportunities of doing so also. Again, Thank You!!

Well, so that I may be more productive, I better get with it and get some listings done. Would be nice to make a little money this weekend till uncle sam pays us. So, gotta do what I gotta do. Most of all...I love doing what I do, and that there makes the difference with my selling. You get a chance, stop by bonanzle to visit me, or even at etsy too. Browse my shops, and remember there are plenty other shops to also be visiting. To make it easier I have the buttons on the top right column that you can just click, and to my shops you will go:) Ya'll have a great weekend, enjoy, be productive, and may you have all that you want from it. Take Care:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Hello to Blog Land, Etc

Hello everyone in Blog Land:) Sorry, I don't think I will have a whole lot to say to everyone, but felt the need to stop by & at least say Hi to all of you:) I should be working on listings, but just cannot get into the mood of it right now. Ever have 1 of those days? Today it is really cloudy out, very foggy, and I just feel the need to lounge. As hubby says...Do it! 

Maybe if I leave the computer for a while, and then come back a little bit later I will feel like doing some work then. I have items pictured, weighed, did a little research, and there it sits right now. I have taken more pleasure in reading everyones posts on their blogs, looking at all the creative things people have done, and seeing where everyone is selling at too. I love the way everyone shares everything, and there are some really creative people out there with craftsy, repurposing vintage items, refurbishing vintage items, the pictures they show, and etc. Thank You to everyone for being so kind & generous in sharing your things with all of us:) 

Before this gets to boring, and I start repeating myself I should scoot for now. Wishing everyone a great day, and much luck with your creativities, photos, and your sales too:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vintage Toys, Ceramic White Napkin Rings New, Books, Bonanzle

Hello to everyone in Blog Land!:) I think I am having one of them days again where it is hard to get motivated. Hmm...maybe I am just taking a break? LOL! Ok, I have fed the horses, been in the basement to make sure the water leak is no longer there, went through some boxes & brought 2 of them up full of clothes to go for donation. 

**I took 3 items I have already pictured, and weighed them. Later today I shall be able to list those for sale. Found a couple of older toys...still work too. One of them old fisher price 2 tunes screen tv that it scrolls. An oldie, but goodie yet. Then, I found an elmo express train. Still vibrant colors of red, blue, and yellow. Elmo sits in the caboose & is waving to all. I also have some NEW ceramic napkin rings I will list too. Except for 1, all of the rings are still wrapped in the sturdy thicker paper. The only time when they were unwrapped is after picturing them, and checking to make sure I seen no cracks, or chips with the pieces. I did see some of them have the Made in China sticker on them too. Nice versatile set for any home decor. 

Ok, I am off to bag a few more clothes that will be donated too. 
**I do want to make a note about a very good friend of mine. IF you like books, collect books, use them for yourself, or for other purposes you might want to check her auctions. She generally has books to sell, and just had 1 that auctioned for about $51 last week. I know she has listed 3 more books, and I believe they are taking bids right now too. Her ID at ebay is MaryLouLavender*s. Sweet name, don't ya think?:) Anyway, you get a chance, check in with her, and see what books she is offering. Never know what she will have that you might just have to have too:) 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harker Pottery AND White Primitive Folk Art Wood Swan


White Primitive Folk Art Wood Hand Carved Swan. Simple, soft, and great for your Home Decor:) This was bought a few years ago from an estate auction of a woman who was a collector of all collectors. This adorable item has been listed with my booth at bonanzle.

Harker Pottery Mallord Duck landing in a marsh. Gold rims with a slightly raised design around the rim too. These snack luncheon plates are vintage. When I found them they had the hangers on them, but I gently removed those as they were very tarnished, and the plates wiped, and cleaned up nicely:) These lovely plates were placed for sale in my booth at bonanzle also. There is a clickable button on the top right of my blog that would take you to my booth to view these, and other items too.

We still have snow around here yet, and this morning was getting freezing rain along with winds. The sun did try to come out a couple of times, but winter is still trying to force it's way here. How about you? It didn't rain long today, but did stay foggy the rest of the day. You know, the kind of weather that you would just like to sit back, wrap up in a blanket, put the feet up, and maybe sleep too. wonder I am having a hard time getting motivated to do some things lately! LOL  Have a Great Evening everyone!:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Gently Used Treasures

Good Day everyone & Happy Hump Day! Wednesday is becoming a common time for me to stop by here & visit & add a few notes. Kind of like that. Sorry, been kind of lazy it feels like lately. I have spent more time at the computer reading, signing up with things, taking notes of things I learn, researching items to calculate prices for resale, and etc. I am happy to say that I do have my facebook fan page all set up, and I do have an address for that too. I can be found there at When you get a chance stop by to visit there sometime. Also, a ning that I have signed up with I can now list a few items for sale there, and you can also buy there directly with paypal. That place is The internet is such an amazing place, and there is just so much out there to visit, sign up with, join, read about, sell at, and etc. 

Another marketplace that I have come across just recently, and everything is free there is at  When you get a chance you should see this place too. Bonanzle is still my main venue to sell with, and my larger amount of inventory is there, but when there are other places that I can try to sell at, maybe change the pace of things a bit, I like to try them out a bit. 

Yesterday I got to spend a little bit of time thrifting. I was with someone who does not do things like I do, or enjoys all of what I do. I still worked it to get some things maybe to do for shadow boxes, paint, etc. Tomorrow I hope to do a little bit more as I will be with my daughter, and when I look at things she likes to go her own way to look also. Ok, time to call it a night. Hope everyone had a great Hump Day!:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles

Hello Everyone! Here it is the first day of March, and hoping we will be seeing more signs of spring with this now too. Snow is starting to melt here, dirty snow, and I can actually see the rear ends of the lighted animated deer that were out for spring. Poor things got snowed in, and have had so much could not get them out. Soon...

Well, I made another sale, and happy that people are coming from outside bonanzle to shop with me. I have advertised, showed my items at a lot of places with social medias, using my blog, google, yahoo, bing, facebook marketplace, and etc. I am thankful I am being seen. I spend a lot of time looking at other blogs, and websites by many I either follow, or find through searches. There are really some nice places to see, visit, view, and etc.

I like junking, love finding old things people put to the side, and picture them being refurbished/repurposed, and etc. Creativity of the mind can make many beautiful things. Soon, real soon I hope to be working on some minor pieces, and then working my way up to bigger & better. Baby steps first. When get a chance, ya'll should visit  she shows some really nice things there, and through there you will find her website to visit where you will see even more of the gorgeous things that were done from time gone by, present time, and etc. She shows work of hers, and also shows & mentions work of others too. She had a lot to see, and I spent time looking & getting my creative ideas rolling some what too. Here is her website too if you would like to also stop by there  You get a chance, give her a visit & view what she has to show. 

Take care & hope everyone had a great Monday March 1st too. :-)
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