Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Everyone AND Hello:)

Thank You for the response to Thrifting!:) I am sooo happy to see there are other addicts out there like me who like to thrift, yard sales, good wills, estates, and etc. The thrill of the hunt, right? You know, some people would consider us addicts to this, and say we have a problem. I decided I am beyond help in this issue. So, I will keep doing what I do, and enjoying it too!:) Well, right now I am in a rush to meet a scheduled appointment. So, wanted to drop in, and say hello to all while I could. Hope everyone has a great day, and a beautiful weekend too! Stay warm, enjoy the sunshine, maybe snow yet too, and have a productive day. Take care my blogging friends, and we will connect again soon. Good Day Everyone!:)

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