Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vintage Toys, Ceramic White Napkin Rings New, Books, Bonanzle

Hello to everyone in Blog Land!:) I think I am having one of them days again where it is hard to get motivated. Hmm...maybe I am just taking a break? LOL! Ok, I have fed the horses, been in the basement to make sure the water leak is no longer there, went through some boxes & brought 2 of them up full of clothes to go for donation. 

**I took 3 items I have already pictured, and weighed them. Later today I shall be able to list those for sale. Found a couple of older toys...still work too. One of them old fisher price 2 tunes screen tv that it scrolls. An oldie, but goodie yet. Then, I found an elmo express train. Still vibrant colors of red, blue, and yellow. Elmo sits in the caboose & is waving to all. I also have some NEW ceramic napkin rings I will list too. Except for 1, all of the rings are still wrapped in the sturdy thicker paper. The only time when they were unwrapped is after picturing them, and checking to make sure I seen no cracks, or chips with the pieces. I did see some of them have the Made in China sticker on them too. Nice versatile set for any home decor. 

Ok, I am off to bag a few more clothes that will be donated too. 
**I do want to make a note about a very good friend of mine. IF you like books, collect books, use them for yourself, or for other purposes you might want to check her auctions. She generally has books to sell, and just had 1 that auctioned for about $51 last week. I know she has listed 3 more books, and I believe they are taking bids right now too. Her ID at ebay is MaryLouLavender*s. Sweet name, don't ya think?:) Anyway, you get a chance, check in with her, and see what books she is offering. Never know what she will have that you might just have to have too:) 

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