Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bonanzle, Homer Laughlin, Pink Rose Dishes

Hello everyone! This won't be long as it is getting late here! Gotta get to bed so can get up with papers, go to bank, and ask them what the heck they are doing? Hubby's bank account has 2 transactions from Paypal or Paypal/Ebay. But...he hasn't used the accounts for about 2 yrs now. Paypal can show NO history as there is none to show, and ebay shows no transactions/invoicing since 2008. Sooo, how the heck are these charges coming to his account? The new paypal card that was sent has never been activated, and the credit card listed with paypal is expired. Shows that in red wording, and I have never put his new card at paypal. Wasn't being used, so why? Then....my husband can't use his bank card as it needs to be replaced. It cannot be scanned, so he needs a new one. But, today at the bank they are showing 3 ATM transactions....WOW! I am really thinking that someone is messing with account numbers, something is being crossed here, or whatever. But, it is not right, and they better be able to explain to me what is happening too!

Well everyone, wish me luck. Stop by and see the booth at bonanzle. Roam, lounge, chat, view, and all the above while you are there. I still have some of the Homer Laughlin Pink Rose dishes left. But, they are going, and what is available is becoming smaller in numbers. I just sold 5 more dinner plates, and the gorgeous gravy boat with attached underplate too.  Take care everyone, and hopefully will be back here with good news, and things have been resolved. Have a Great Evening all! Good Night...

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