Friday, March 26, 2010

Thrift Store, Yard Sales, Flea Markets, Spring, Junking

Hello Everyone & Happy Friday to all! Sorry, been absent for few days. Been rushing here, rushing there, and trying to fit time in with everything in between, and not getting things fully done. It's a working progress.

Hmm, the smell of spring, the feel of spring, and everything good that comes with it too:-) I am sooo looking forward to the thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, etc. I also am anxious to go junking! Yes, Junking! Everyone is going to be cleaning their homes out with spring cleaning, businesses are changing for the season, or whatever the excuse may be. Many things will be thrown out, set aside to give away, and etc. This I really like. Many treasures to be found this way. Dig, dig, and more digging....take it home, clean it up, paint it, touch it up, refurbish it in some way, or completely repurpose matter what it is still the same piece, and has now served it's purpose too.

Last weekend I got some things from a small flea market type deal that puts the money towards redoing the library. Sometimes you can find some really good things there, and it is pretty much considered free will donations there. Some things are marked which is understandable with that too. I got an old window, with the glass yet, has been painted, has an old hook latch on it, and some flowers were already added to it. Anyway, it is in my dining room right now, does have the hook on back for hanging, but I will not hang it till I redo the flowers a little bit. Don't take me wrong, I like the colors in the flowers, they are nice, and do look great in homes, but it is not me. Once I get it done I am thinking of putting it on our bedroom wall with a straw hat that has ribbon & flowers around it I had done for my grandmother, and also some soft pastel picture frames that instead of pics in them I have added different things of interest: scrapbook paper for the background, painted cardboard keys, distressed wooden like fence, and just little things like that. 

When....I get this done I will make sure to take some pics to share with everyone too. Before this gets any longer, and becomes boring I shall stop for now. Hope ya'll have a great weekend, and enjoy 'Spring' that is finally in the air now!:-)

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