Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harker Pottery AND White Primitive Folk Art Wood Swan


White Primitive Folk Art Wood Hand Carved Swan. Simple, soft, and great for your Home Decor:) This was bought a few years ago from an estate auction of a woman who was a collector of all collectors. This adorable item has been listed with my booth at bonanzle.

Harker Pottery Mallord Duck landing in a marsh. Gold rims with a slightly raised design around the rim too. These snack luncheon plates are vintage. When I found them they had the hangers on them, but I gently removed those as they were very tarnished, and the plates wiped, and cleaned up nicely:) These lovely plates were placed for sale in my booth at bonanzle also. There is a clickable button on the top right of my blog that would take you to my booth to view these, and other items too.

We still have snow around here yet, and this morning was getting freezing rain along with winds. The sun did try to come out a couple of times, but winter is still trying to force it's way here. How about you? It didn't rain long today, but did stay foggy the rest of the day. You know, the kind of weather that you would just like to sit back, wrap up in a blanket, put the feet up, and maybe sleep too. wonder I am having a hard time getting motivated to do some things lately! LOL  Have a Great Evening everyone!:)

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