Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signature Housewares Bowl, Royal China Cherry Plate, A & W Rootbeer Bear......

Good Morning Everyone, and hope everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead that wonderful hour. Yawn...lost a little sleep, but will make up for it, right?:)

Lovely serving bowl by Signature Housewares Tablerock pattern that was recently listed in my booth at bonanzle. Lovely mauve color with white specs that you see on top of bowl.

Here is a sturdy Royal China by Jeannette Cherry Pie Plate that has also recently been listed with my bonanzle booth. Very sturdy stoneware piece that weighs about 2 1/2 pounds itself. Item is very clean and shiny, and looks almost like new yet. Mostly from time like all of us show:)

Remember A & W Restaurants? At one time You were served by carhops, the trays on your vehicle windows, A & W Rootbeer, the Rootbeer Floats, and etc. We had 1 in our home town that had been there for years, and a few months ago the restaurant closed. Hmm...miss them rootbeer floats, the chicken, and their burgers too. Don't forget maybe some onion rings!:) Well, this little guy is a reminder of those times for the collector of such, or if you are maybe a collector of bears too. This little guy has also been added to my booth at bonanzle.

While roaming your way around the internet today, stop by the booth at bonanzle, and see a few of the little treasures I have listed there. I always show 4 pictures for each listing, and if need be I will show more. I try to show as much possible so that everyone can kind of see it through my eyes what I am showing. Don't forget I do have a few things also listed at my etsy shop. To quickly access both of these places you can use my clickable buttons in the top of the right column on the blog here. 

Hope ya'll have a great day & are able to do what you all want to. Take care & Enjoy!:)


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