Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Hello to Blog Land, Etc

Hello everyone in Blog Land:) Sorry, I don't think I will have a whole lot to say to everyone, but felt the need to stop by & at least say Hi to all of you:) I should be working on listings, but just cannot get into the mood of it right now. Ever have 1 of those days? Today it is really cloudy out, very foggy, and I just feel the need to lounge. As hubby says...Do it! 

Maybe if I leave the computer for a while, and then come back a little bit later I will feel like doing some work then. I have items pictured, weighed, did a little research, and there it sits right now. I have taken more pleasure in reading everyones posts on their blogs, looking at all the creative things people have done, and seeing where everyone is selling at too. I love the way everyone shares everything, and there are some really creative people out there with craftsy, repurposing vintage items, refurbishing vintage items, the pictures they show, and etc. Thank You to everyone for being so kind & generous in sharing your things with all of us:) 

Before this gets to boring, and I start repeating myself I should scoot for now. Wishing everyone a great day, and much luck with your creativities, photos, and your sales too:)

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