Wednesday, March 17, 2010

White Clam Seashell Metal Decorative Dish, Nascar Race Car Wall Border


Hope everyone has enjoyed the day with everything green, and all the little leprachans running around too.=)

I am happy to announce that Bonanzle now has over 214,000 members and is still growing! It has been a very steady pace of new members, and with all the products being imported into the sight it is growing everyday with many more items to choose from too=)

Nascar Race Car Sport Room Wall Border has been listed to my bonanzle booth. You can see this, and a few more pictures of it at

Fabulous Metal Clam Seashell Metal Dish that was painted a matte white color, and has 3 painted balls for the feet too. Good Decorative Condition with many uses. Bath Soaps, Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Rolled Cloths, Candles, and etc. This has also been listed with my booth at bonanzle. You get a chance stop by to see the pictures for this item, and more description of it too. See it at 

Well, hope everyone has had a fun filled day, and again...Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!! Take care....


  1. I LOVE thrifting! (And not just because I turn some of my finds into art, either, lol!)

    It always gives me a little thrill when I spot that "something" that's way underpriced, and I probably need to stop bring so much home. Or does that just mean it's time for me to find out what, exactly, Bonanzle is? Hmmm....

  2. LOL! There was a discussion the other night in the forums at bonanzle...they were actually going to make it a support group for "Thrift Shop, Good Will, Yard Sale, and etc Addicts" Oh, what a thrill that forum has been, and sharing with everyone how we all do our finds...dumpster diving was brought up too:)

    I find a lot of them special "somethings" at the thrift stores, and unfortunately they do accumulate at home:) It is a working progress:)

    When you get a chance, stop by bonanzle, check it out. In some of the forums there are also visitors, and buyers that get involved with discussions there. It is fun, very educating, and we all like to share some things too. Sometimes I do not participate, but just read. And, have I learned a lot, and am still learning! That is one thing I really like about the place besides the ease of use there, and so on.

    Anyway, thanks for the giggle today...loved it!!:) Have a Great Weekend!


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