Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween to Everyone From LilacsNDreams

Happy Halloween to Everyone From LilacsNDreams!!

This is a big weekend for many, and I wish you all well. Unfortunately, I have been home sick almost all week, and it still has not gotten better. So, there goes any trick or treat plans I had made!:(  I wanted to stop by and leave a note to wish you all well, have fun, enjoy, be happy, and please be safe too. Enjoy your plans everyone!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Selling Vintage and Collectibles on Ebay

Selling Vintage and Collectibles on Ebay.

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Happy to see you here, and that you could stop by to see me too:) Wow! Next weekend is Halloween already. Is everyone ready for it? I know I am not. Been busy trying to get things in order, sort through more things to go out the door for donations, and then finding time to work with listings in my stores. Move some things around, and getting prepared to start adding some new inventory too.

Well, that time of year when I will try listing with ebay. That I have been doing. Over the weekend I have slowly been adding some products into ebay. I hope to add a few more yet by tomorrow night. But, have got some things there now to be seen, and viewed, and of course purchased too. Visit LilacsNDreams Ebay to see what I have listed there. 

Thanks again for visiting everyone, and hope you had a wonderful weekend! Take care, and see you again soon. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Repurposing and Reusing What You Have

Repurposing and Reusing What You Already Have

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and happy that you could stop by. Been sitting here, and thinking of different topics to work with on my blog. I have to make a list when I think of something, or I might forget about it, and never think of it again. Today I was thinking of items being repurposed. How many times do we repurpose a particular item. How many items in your home have been repurposed. Are all of your repurposing projects from home, or did you find some while thrifting too. 

I LOVE to repurpose, and reuse things myself. It is more cost effective when you use what you already have, or thrift for items to repurpose and reuse for your home, or for selling too. Another reason to repurpose is that some of your pieces already have character, patina, details, and so on with them. Newer pieces do not have this. Also, often your older pieces you have are better made than some of the newer items made today too. So, before you plan on buying new, have a look around. Carefully look for pieces that you could reinvent. Some pieces might just need a little updating which could be some new material, glued together, fresh paint touch up, new hardware, and just have fun reimagining them in new ways. 

For instance, that old tv armoire you think you should get rid of? Why not convert it to maybe a kitchen pantry, a microwave cart, and etc. Don't get rid of that small old dining room table now. You could cut the legs down on it to a height that agrees with you, and make it into a coffee table. Another thing we often rid of is dressers. Instead of being rid of those why not convert those into maybe a bathroom vanity. Another thing is don't be rid of them darn old bathroom fabric shower curtains quite yet. They are good enough to use for showers, water resistant, and etc. Soooo, why not use them for some of the outdoor cushion covers? 

Now, I am not saying or telling you to go out, and do exactly what I have said to do here. I am suggesting that before we throw, or are rid of things from the home, and before buying new....maybe consider items to be repurposed, and reused in other ways. Nearly everything has a second life. Seeing beyond what it is, to what it can be can be really fun too!:) And.....a money saver too!:)

Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams everyone! Don't be afraid to share, or comment with each of my postings either. LOVE hearing from everyone, and having ya'll add something too. Also, keep an eye on my store at Artfire too. I am getting ready, and gearing up to start adding more inventory to it. Most of the inventory I am adding will be items that have been repurposed, painted, glued, and things like that. It is all a working progress, and dealing with many things from the home, or what I find thrifting too. Also, I do have a few more vintage, and collectible items that I will be adding into the inventory as well.  I have slowly been working on revising some of the listings there now, have a small start, and hope to do more with wording, categorizing, changing pictures if needed, and etc. Work, Work, Work:)

Take care everyone, and see you again soon!:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Retro Vintage Look is it Popular Again

Retro Vintage Look is it Popular Again.

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and happy to see you visiting with me!:)

During my spare time lately....when I can find that....I have been noticing a trend of things, and of course things changing a bit, and what people are looking for too. I have been noticing that the retro look from like the 50s and 60s is becoming popular again. Whether it is the hair styles, the clothing, the kitchenwares, and the colors they are using of aquas, pinks, retro designs, and the 50s 60s's there. I haven't really noticed any emphasize on any kind of specific trend, have you? Am I over looking something here? There really does not appear to be a "Now" look in America today. It feels like we are composed of many things now, times, recreations of things, different collections, and so on. Sometimes I honestly think that people are looking for more of the simpler times, and ways of things. 

I myself find me going back often to simpler times, simpler things, and simpler ways of doing things. If I have not gotten there with some things I sure do think about it, and wish for it too. It's great that we have become so advanced with so many things today. But, along with that advancement also comes issues that effects all of us too. My house has been slowly showing it too. I have been ridding myself of some of the pretties....too many things, and getting back to a point of when things were simpler for us. I have donated a big wooden shelf that fit 1/2 the wall in our living room, donated a coffee table, ridded myself of quite a few lamps, different figurines, and I am still not done. I have been going through boxes, taking things out here and there, donating them, and then later I will go through some of the rooms again, or some of the boxes again, and do it all over again with removal of things.  Sometimes I am finding things that I repurpose a little bit, and that seems to be working in our home too.

I have noticed more people appear to be shopping with Thrift Shops too. Not only are they shopping them to save a little bit of money, but because everyone is looking for that unique look. Something different, something of theirs, and you know what I mean.

Nothing too special with this post. Thought I would share a few thoughts with things I have viewed, and noticed. I like some of the retro look with some of the colors, and probably will implement some of it into our home more too. Gotta clean house first before I bring anything else home to fill it:)

Would love to hear from some of you on what you think of this. Do you see any kind of a specific trend, are you seeing something different from what I am, or is it different for different parts of the country? Chime in with some of your thoughts. Would love to hear from others, and of course always enjoy the conversations too. 

Thanks again for visiting with LilacsNDreams. Take care, and hope to see you again soon!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facebook, Google Plus, Social Media Which One

Facebook, Google Plus, Social Media, Which One have you chosen? 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and happy to see you returning to my site too. Big Buzz happening on the internet lately. Mostly has been with Facebook, and with Google Plus. 

Google Plus is trying it again with the social media. Facebook is still being highly used yet, but how do you feel about the changes that have happened recently? Are you signed up with Google Plus? If so, how are things going there for you?

Facebook has done some major changes lately, and I had read where there will still be a few more. One is with the Fan Pages. Prior to the changes FB was really starting to become spam for me. I LOVE conversing with everyone, sharing, commenting, reading, and all of that. I understand people wanting to show their items also being offered for sale. But, when I have half a page that is full of pictures for items for sale, and from the same person, sorry....but that is starting to feel like twitter and the spam that comes with it. I understand social media, it is to our advantage in many ways, but when it starts to feel like spam, when it is no longer enjoyable to visit, I don't have the desire to visit quite as much. Then, some of the things I have read with the changes, and what is being done on FB I can remember thinking "Why do I have my fan page then" or "Why did I work to make my fan page something" So, time will also tell with that. I sometimes get the feeling that I am not getting all of the posts on FB to read like I use to, and it just feels like I am missing out on some things with the changes. Having a harder time getting around facebook again too.

Now, there is Google Plus which I have joined a long time ago with invites from others. When I first joined with them I had my business name, and soon found that others were having issues with their accounts being removed, blocked, or warnings sent to them about this. The Google Plus started out being for the personal accounts, and they are still working with their business part of it for others to soon join. Till then they have asked that you use the real/personal names. So, this I have done.....scary as I do not even know me by my personal name!:) I am so use to my name of LilacsNDreams, or also answering to the name of Lilacs that is was an adjustment for me....LOL:) Anyway, roaming around Google Plus has been quite comfortable for me. It feels like simplicity....which I believe a lot of things need to go back to myself. Google has been a bit easier to roam around with things. I enjoy seeing actual conversations from people, and sharing with them. You accept the people you want within your circles, and you can have many circles to better organize your friends list with as well. Then, when posting things you have the option of having it public, or if you want only certain friends circles to see it too. When accepting someone to a circle, prior to that, it is a bit easier to read about them, see their profile, and on the side of their about page you can see the links they have for stores, blogging, social medias, and different things like that to better assist you as well. 

I might be using my personal name at Google, but my avatar is still with my LilacsNDreams so people can know me, and then follow over to the business part of it when I can get that done, and is available to all of us. I am kind of leaning towards Google+ myself, feels cleaner, not so cluttered, easier to navigate, enjoying the conversations, and so on. I have not had a problem sharing links there, and with some of the with my blog, the picture shows with it as well. But, I am still using Facebook since many friends are still there yet too. Time will tell, and I will be watching myself to see how this all comes out with both places. 

Where are you, what is your preference, and have you tried them both? Google Plus is open to all now, and invites are not needed. Would love to hear what others are feeling about this situation as well too. Share if you wish to.....All are welcome to do so. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams today, and hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone....till the next time:)

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