Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facebook, Google Plus, Social Media Which One

Facebook, Google Plus, Social Media, Which One have you chosen? 

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Glad to have you here, and happy to see you returning to my site too. Big Buzz happening on the internet lately. Mostly has been with Facebook, and with Google Plus. 

Google Plus is trying it again with the social media. Facebook is still being highly used yet, but how do you feel about the changes that have happened recently? Are you signed up with Google Plus? If so, how are things going there for you?

Facebook has done some major changes lately, and I had read where there will still be a few more. One is with the Fan Pages. Prior to the changes FB was really starting to become spam for me. I LOVE conversing with everyone, sharing, commenting, reading, and all of that. I understand people wanting to show their items also being offered for sale. But, when I have half a page that is full of pictures for items for sale, and from the same person, sorry....but that is starting to feel like twitter and the spam that comes with it. I understand social media, it is to our advantage in many ways, but when it starts to feel like spam, when it is no longer enjoyable to visit, I don't have the desire to visit quite as much. Then, some of the things I have read with the changes, and what is being done on FB I can remember thinking "Why do I have my fan page then" or "Why did I work to make my fan page something" So, time will also tell with that. I sometimes get the feeling that I am not getting all of the posts on FB to read like I use to, and it just feels like I am missing out on some things with the changes. Having a harder time getting around facebook again too.

Now, there is Google Plus which I have joined a long time ago with invites from others. When I first joined with them I had my business name, and soon found that others were having issues with their accounts being removed, blocked, or warnings sent to them about this. The Google Plus started out being for the personal accounts, and they are still working with their business part of it for others to soon join. Till then they have asked that you use the real/personal names. So, this I have done.....scary as I do not even know me by my personal name!:) I am so use to my name of LilacsNDreams, or also answering to the name of Lilacs that is was an adjustment for me....LOL:) Anyway, roaming around Google Plus has been quite comfortable for me. It feels like simplicity....which I believe a lot of things need to go back to myself. Google has been a bit easier to roam around with things. I enjoy seeing actual conversations from people, and sharing with them. You accept the people you want within your circles, and you can have many circles to better organize your friends list with as well. Then, when posting things you have the option of having it public, or if you want only certain friends circles to see it too. When accepting someone to a circle, prior to that, it is a bit easier to read about them, see their profile, and on the side of their about page you can see the links they have for stores, blogging, social medias, and different things like that to better assist you as well. 

I might be using my personal name at Google, but my avatar is still with my LilacsNDreams so people can know me, and then follow over to the business part of it when I can get that done, and is available to all of us. I am kind of leaning towards Google+ myself, feels cleaner, not so cluttered, easier to navigate, enjoying the conversations, and so on. I have not had a problem sharing links there, and with some of the with my blog, the picture shows with it as well. But, I am still using Facebook since many friends are still there yet too. Time will tell, and I will be watching myself to see how this all comes out with both places. 

Where are you, what is your preference, and have you tried them both? Google Plus is open to all now, and invites are not needed. Would love to hear what others are feeling about this situation as well too. Share if you wish to.....All are welcome to do so. Thanks for visiting with LilacsNDreams today, and hope to see you again soon. Take care everyone....till the next time:)

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