Monday, September 19, 2011

Follow LilacsNDreams With Blog Lovin

I have joined Blog Lovin, and this is something I need to add to a post for procedures of claiming my blog there. Hey, stop by to give me a follow there as well along with other fellow bloggers too:)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. Kristy...sorry for the delay here. Been busy busy busy helping son with papers and such to join army, daughter moved south and helping her husband here with some things, and then....trying to take care of me, our new car a deer hit on the 17th, and just all of the above:)

    As for your question, I am new to Blog Lovin, and cannot give you an honest answer with it. I know through out facebook I see a lot of people that show things from blog lovin, and it can be routed to your facebook once you have signed in with Blog Lovin too.

    Thanks for visiting, and so very sorry for the delay. I promise I will soon be back on track with things here again, doing my regular blog posts, listings on my stores, and etc. Take care:)


  2. Hi Kim I followed you over to BlogLovin...will you still be on BLOGGER? or is BlogLovin in addition to this one. Hope all is well.


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