Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Almost Here.........

Next week at this time we will all have pretty much eaten as much as we can OR moved onto yet another visit, and some more stomach aching from all the good food, treats, and the pleasures of being around family & friends. Hope it can be as nice then with the weather as it has been now. Good Old Fashioned Thanksgiving....the kids think of all the goodies, and I am remembered of the many things I am thankful for, and the many good blessings I wish to pass onto others too. When you watch the stores, different businesses, and etc I am always a lil discouraged with the issue of Thanksgiving....hardly anything is done for this special day of the year. We have Halloween, the costumes, the decorations, etc. Then, we pretty much go into Christmas right after that. Very little is done to celebrate Thanksgiving with the retail businesses, and people around us. Too bad, but am thankful I still have family to celebrate it with, share it with, and will do just all of that too!:) Here is to wishing everyone a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I know I know...Thanksgiving next week, and then Christmas! has been sooo nice out for us here! So my son & I got started with some of the outside, and working a lil on the inside. I just LUV decorating for Christmas! I wish it could stay up longer with all the work, and time people put into some of it. So, Hmm...maybe that is why we got a head start on it this year? LOL...well...the idea worked for me at the time:) Santa there has to come out for our grand daughter, and any other kids that are here for the season. He moves a lil, and sings while doing so. Also, the kids like it when we hook the microphone up on him, and they can sing & dance along with him too. We have put lil trees out this year that sit on stools in front of the windows you can see from the road, and our big wreath is outside with some red lights on it this year. Nothing special, but wanted to show what was started, and maybe it will help a few others get into the spirit of things....if you haven't already:) Happy Hump Day everyone!:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Vintage, Collectible & Enjoyable Saturday!!

Hello again! It is Saturday, sunny, and a beautiful day out today! Hope it is also this good for you in your neck of the woods visitors:) Thanksgiving is about 1 1/2 wks away. This month seems to be slowing down, yet picking up too. Christmas is getting closer:) Son wanted things up from basement other night, so we got started with some things. Today with it being so gorgeous out we hung the lights on the garage...what a chore that was with us 2 doing it together! LOL...wouldn't have had it any other way:) Digging thru some of the boxes for this season I found lil xmas boxes, vintage bulbs & boxes I like to use to decorate with. I have the candles out on my wooden banister/table leg candle holders I have with the batter flickered lites in them. Hmmm..looks so nice when it is all lit up! If I would remember to, I will have to get pictures of what was started for us at home here. Not done yet, but still have a lil time to do some things, and make some final touches. Have a great evening everyone! I am off to maybe posting some things for sale....Christmas puts me in the mood to sell & shop too!:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Happy Weekend to All!!

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great Friday! Kind of gloomy here, but that didn't stop us from getting some of the Christmas stuff out, and getting things started. My son last night wanted to bring lights, and some things up from the basement. Today we tested lights, and more lights, and more lights. Hmm...thought I got rid of a lot of things:) After testing most of the lights, we got the hook in for the big wreath to hang outside. Darn thing stands almost as tall as me! We had to put a different strand of lights in it, but it looks nice outside hanging over our dining room door facing the road. Then...I hung a lighted silver shining garland in the archway of the dining & living room. Lights up the rooms nicely. I used 1 of our lighted wreath with a bow, and hung that in a window in the living room. Looks better there than I thought it would. Our son got Santa out...when turned on he sings & dances...stands almost as tall as me too! Forgot about him last night, went to walk thru kitchen, and jumped as he was hidden in the corner. I put some candles out, separated lights for the garage, trees, windows, etc. Didn't get it all done, but it is a start. I am thinking over the weekend I might actually have most of it done...trees, more lights, and lights, and etc. Wishing everyone a Great Weekend! Enjoy the weather where you are, and hope it is sunny & bright for you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inarco, Hull, Haeger......Happy Tuesday Everyone!:)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Not use to hearing that, huh? That's ok, neither am I:) Dropping by to say hi to everyone, checking on some other fabulous blogs that people have done, reading, and sharing a few more things that have been listed for sale recently. Not shown here is also a couple more of the frankoma Christmas plates...years 1970 & 1971. So far I have 6 of the plates listed, and still have a stack to picture, and get listed for all to enjoy. Beautiful day out today, and hope this finds everyone enjoying the weather where they are too. Take care everyone & have an enjoyable evening!:) Later

Inarco Soft Pink Swirl Design Vase

Haeger Bowl Planter (Sorry...
Accessories not included)

Hull Planter...the bulbs stay

Monday, November 9, 2009

Frankoma and Pink Rose Compotes.....Hmmm.....

Hello Again Everyone! Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Been gorgeous here, and wish it could stay like this all the time without any snow. Am wishing:) Took pictures this weekend, listed a few things again, and imported my items from over to as you know it:) LilacsNDreams WOW! The closer Christmas gets, the more these sites with some really good deals keep coming out to be used. I have had some friends along the way mention places too. When I signed into this place, and a few of the features I dealt with reminded me of this is still a very new place to shop at. It is growing tho, they are great to deal with there, very friendly, and I know of some of the sellers there who have made sales, and enjoying it too. Like any of us would:) Ok, here are 2 more Frankoma Christmas Plates from a series that I have, and am listing a lil bit at a time. The yrs shown here are from 1970 & 1971. So far, for all I have listed, there has been 2 of each...1967 (SOLD OUT) 1968, 1969, 1970 & 1971....the last 2 yrs I am working on. Starting everything at, but have been putting some of the same things on AND wherever the google searches will bring everyone is where I have to show items. It is Monday, and hope it is a Happy Monday to all! Take care, and good luck to all with all your listings, treasure huntings, shopping, searches, etc. Happy Monday All!!:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1968 and 1969 Frankoma Christmas Plates

Here I am again. I mentioned I did list a couple of things, but I need to show the pictures for you to see, right? These are 1968 & 1969 Frankoma Christmas plates that were never used! The woman who collected them never used them, never hung them, and had them stored. I got them about 2 yrs ago from her estate sale. She was a collector of all collectors, and she is missed too. Upon me getting these, I talked with a family member. We feel that these were bought from the old Rexall Drug Store that use to be in Sheldon, IA when the collector had worked there. I had 2 of the 1967 plates, but those have already sold. I have a small stack here of the years, and will keep listing them a lil at a time. They are sooo much better in person than I could picture, or describe them too. I did find them in my KOVELS' price book of 2007 I have the 39th edition. In there the 1968 plate is valued from $39 - $60. The 1969 plate is valued at $30. Course, that goes according o the condition too. But, these little ladies are worth it! Some of the plates I have even come with a lil paper/note explaining some things with it, the name of the plate, and etc. In my stack I found 1 or 2 of the plates still have their original sticker on them too! What a treasure these were to get, and now am parting with them to share with you! Stop by bonanzle, and check them out. Tomorrow night I think I will have them listed to then. Again, ya'll take care & have a Great Evening! Toodles....:-)

Fall...of Vintage, Collectibles, Changes, Etc

Good Evening Everyone! Well, Halloween is over, and here comes Thanksgiving! Don't you just love this time of year? It is fall, the leaves changing, the grass changing, season is changing & you can feel it too:) These are not colors I show in my home, but I sure do like them when I see pictures with them, or in someone else's home too. Well, so far am surviving this week. Today spent time cleaning out computer a bit, researched a few things, and then later tonight I did get a couple of things listed to Another place I have also been listing at, it is a new one, they are still growing, and that is Odd name, huh? It stands for Just For You Auctions...I thought that was neat. Couple of guys that were power sellers at ebay figured they needed something different, and this is what they have started. Still all new, working through things together with everyone that registers, but they really have been great so far too. My store name there...well, you know what it is:) That's right...LilacsNDreams....wouldn't have it any other way!:) Hope everyone having a great evening & tomorrow will be a beautiful day! Take care everyone til the next time....Toodles:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Ceramic Candle Holders ~ Look Like New! Gorgeous Shine, Soft Color, Yummy!

Good Morning, and hope ya'll are feeling well from all the celebrations. Just a small note with a picture to show something I added to Adorable ceramic candle holders that look like they are new! Great condition with soft pastel colored flowers around the base of this set. Clean, shiny, and ready for a new home with you! Come take a look at things when you get a chance. There are some yummies that are listed, with some adorable vintage pieces too:)


Last time I can say it for this year to ya'll....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Hope ya'll had a great evening filled with fun, family, friends, food, candy, drink, and sharing! Ya'll take care, and hope everyone is feeling great today...the day after~:)
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