Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Vintage, Collectible & Enjoyable Saturday!!

Hello again! It is Saturday, sunny, and a beautiful day out today! Hope it is also this good for you in your neck of the woods visitors:) Thanksgiving is about 1 1/2 wks away. This month seems to be slowing down, yet picking up too. Christmas is getting closer:) Son wanted things up from basement other night, so we got started with some things. Today with it being so gorgeous out we hung the lights on the garage...what a chore that was with us 2 doing it together! LOL...wouldn't have had it any other way:) Digging thru some of the boxes for this season I found lil xmas boxes, vintage bulbs & boxes I like to use to decorate with. I have the candles out on my wooden banister/table leg candle holders I have with the batter flickered lites in them. Hmmm..looks so nice when it is all lit up! If I would remember to, I will have to get pictures of what was started for us at home here. Not done yet, but still have a lil time to do some things, and make some final touches. Have a great evening everyone! I am off to maybe posting some things for sale....Christmas puts me in the mood to sell & shop too!:)


  1. Kim,
    Thanks so much for your kind comment. Lilacs are definitely one of my favorite flowers, and grow wild in this area. I am following your blog now, and will recommend you on Facebook. Can't wait to go check out your products at Shabby Cottage Shops!
    Have a beautiful blessed day,
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  2. Therese, Thank you for your visit & those kind words. I can't smell anymore, but I do remember the smell of lilacs, and of course that is one of my favorite colors too. When I see your name I will always think of your beautiful blog layout, and how comforting it is to visit you there. Take care, and thank you again!:)

  3. thanks for stopping by my site. I have received your comments so hope your computer works for others. enjoyed visiting your site.


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