Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inarco, Hull, Haeger......Happy Tuesday Everyone!:)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Not use to hearing that, huh? That's ok, neither am I:) Dropping by to say hi to everyone, checking on some other fabulous blogs that people have done, reading, and sharing a few more things that have been listed for sale recently. Not shown here is also a couple more of the frankoma Christmas plates...years 1970 & 1971. So far I have 6 of the plates listed, and still have a stack to picture, and get listed for all to enjoy. Beautiful day out today, and hope this finds everyone enjoying the weather where they are too. Take care everyone & have an enjoyable evening!:) Later

Inarco Soft Pink Swirl Design Vase

Haeger Bowl Planter (Sorry...
Accessories not included)

Hull Planter...the bulbs stay

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  1. thank you for adding me to your site through facebook. I enjoyed stopping by and visiting your site. come back and visit mine anytime.


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