Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I know I know...Thanksgiving next week, and then Christmas! has been sooo nice out for us here! So my son & I got started with some of the outside, and working a lil on the inside. I just LUV decorating for Christmas! I wish it could stay up longer with all the work, and time people put into some of it. So, Hmm...maybe that is why we got a head start on it this year? LOL...well...the idea worked for me at the time:) Santa there has to come out for our grand daughter, and any other kids that are here for the season. He moves a lil, and sings while doing so. Also, the kids like it when we hook the microphone up on him, and they can sing & dance along with him too. We have put lil trees out this year that sit on stools in front of the windows you can see from the road, and our big wreath is outside with some red lights on it this year. Nothing special, but wanted to show what was started, and maybe it will help a few others get into the spirit of things....if you haven't already:) Happy Hump Day everyone!:)

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