Thursday, November 5, 2009

1968 and 1969 Frankoma Christmas Plates

Here I am again. I mentioned I did list a couple of things, but I need to show the pictures for you to see, right? These are 1968 & 1969 Frankoma Christmas plates that were never used! The woman who collected them never used them, never hung them, and had them stored. I got them about 2 yrs ago from her estate sale. She was a collector of all collectors, and she is missed too. Upon me getting these, I talked with a family member. We feel that these were bought from the old Rexall Drug Store that use to be in Sheldon, IA when the collector had worked there. I had 2 of the 1967 plates, but those have already sold. I have a small stack here of the years, and will keep listing them a lil at a time. They are sooo much better in person than I could picture, or describe them too. I did find them in my KOVELS' price book of 2007 I have the 39th edition. In there the 1968 plate is valued from $39 - $60. The 1969 plate is valued at $30. Course, that goes according o the condition too. But, these little ladies are worth it! Some of the plates I have even come with a lil paper/note explaining some things with it, the name of the plate, and etc. In my stack I found 1 or 2 of the plates still have their original sticker on them too! What a treasure these were to get, and now am parting with them to share with you! Stop by bonanzle, and check them out. Tomorrow night I think I will have them listed to then. Again, ya'll take care & have a Great Evening! Toodles....:-)

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