Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall...of Vintage, Collectibles, Changes, Etc

Good Evening Everyone! Well, Halloween is over, and here comes Thanksgiving! Don't you just love this time of year? It is fall, the leaves changing, the grass changing, season is changing & you can feel it too:) These are not colors I show in my home, but I sure do like them when I see pictures with them, or in someone else's home too. Well, so far am surviving this week. Today spent time cleaning out computer a bit, researched a few things, and then later tonight I did get a couple of things listed to Another place I have also been listing at, it is a new one, they are still growing, and that is Odd name, huh? It stands for Just For You Auctions...I thought that was neat. Couple of guys that were power sellers at ebay figured they needed something different, and this is what they have started. Still all new, working through things together with everyone that registers, but they really have been great so far too. My store name there...well, you know what it is:) That's right...LilacsNDreams....wouldn't have it any other way!:) Hope everyone having a great evening & tomorrow will be a beautiful day! Take care everyone til the next time....Toodles:)

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