Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrift Stores, Second Hand Stores, Crafts, Homer Laughlin......

Hello to all who visit, and wishing ya'll a beautiful day too! Well, here it is another day, another part of the week, and yucky weather here! Rain, rain, and more rain....maybe I should be working on some craft things today, or better yet I should be listing more today too.

I just recently sold some of my Homer Laughlin plates to a customer, and of course I was happy about the sale. This person is going to be using them for her mosaic work that she does. Beautiful plates with the roses in the center. I can understand why they would have been chosen for this creation. I wish Katie with katiedesigns the best of luck with the plates, and hope they arrive safely for her project use.

If we look hard there are many things out there for all of use to use for any crafting projects we might have. I spent day with daughter yesterday, and she was amazed at the sales I found, the prices I spent, and how much I got for little or nothing. She also was amazed at how I was pointing out to her that this could be used for this, or I could do this, or maybe I should do this, and  little of that instead, etc etc. The more I moved around things, the more ideas I kept getting. She just looked at me, and commented how she would have never thought of that! Hmm...feel them creative juices flowing! Oh, yes, and I seen some really neat glassware & some adorable vintage kitchen pieces. But, the condition was not quite at the point that I would like to sell them. Sorry, but I have faith I will find plenty more as time moves along here. 

Well, time to be moving on, and trying to accomplish something a little more constructive today. Take care everyone, and visit me with my spots while out roaming, and you have a  little spare time. Take care till the next time my friends:o)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Viewing and Sharing of Some Beautiful Blogs...Enjoy:o)

Hello Everyone, and I would love to say Good Morning, but look at how the time has gone for me! I have spent most of the morning reading my emails, answering any questions, and then reading blog after blog after blog through blogger. WOW! There are soooo many talented people out there, and they are sooo sweet to share their projects they have done, and are doing too. I feel like getting more supplies, and sitting down, and just crafting away! Some of the simplest things can become so beautiful, and so inexpensively done too! This is another world I so enjoy spending time looking at, learning as I go, being constructive from ideas shared, and etc. 

I can only mention a few, or it would become a very long book, but here are a few of the blogs visited this morning:

When you get a chance, visit these places. Once you get there you will see many different things views, and believe me ideas to use for you, or actually restructure for yourselves. Along with visiting these places you will also stray off to visiting other places that they suggest too. Why not take a day of viewing blogs, and refreshing ourselves? 

Hope ya'll enjoy, and have a great day!:o)

My For Sale Blog & Garage Sale Time!!

Good Evening all, and thanks for stopping by:o) YES! That time of year when the weather is great, so pretty out, things blooming, and most of all....Garage Sale time too! Starting tomorrow & for the rest of the week there is a big one that is in Sioux Falls, SD...about an hr from me. It is on 1 side of the town, and it is house upon house upon house that has their goods out to clean house. There is a lot for the picking, and sometimes some really good deals too. Each year there are more people there, and they mark their calenders for it too. I love these kind of events because not only can I find some really neat goods with vintage, can some collectibles, but I also find a lot of things for crafting with, refurbishing, and oh.....garage sale heaven!:) 

Don't forget that at the top is the button for My 'For Sale Blog' and upon clicking that, and then clicking the address it will take you to the 2nd blog I have started to try, and move more of the selling venues along with items for sale over there. Or, if you want to add it to your list of following too that address is  Then, if you wish to maybe buy something directly from the blog without visiting one of the venues, you will be able to do so with paypal right now. I have to get google checkout figured out so that I may also offer that to everyone. 

Ok, I am yawning, time for bed. Whew! getting late here! Ya'll take care & have a beautiful evening!:o)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marquise Sapphire & Diamond Ring Zales 14K Yellow Gold in next blog

Good Evening everyone & hope this finds ya'll doing well. I have been busy most of the day reading blogs, looking at different things, and trying to work on my blog more to improve it, and to make it better for those who visit with me too. I have mentioned for some time now that I am hoping to work more with my blog, and add pictures to items I am offering for sale with different venues along with a paypal button, and soon a google checkout button too. Instead of visiting the venues I list at, signing up with some in order to purchase, etc You would then be able to buy straight from my blog. Well, I have found another way to revise things a little bit, and for those who are interested in what things are selling, for what price, etc you will be able to go to another blog I have for this now. It is just a click away too. If you go to the top, under my LilacsNDreams header you will see different words along there. Sorry, nothing fancy, and it is all a working progress for me yet too. Bear with me please. Anyway, if you click on the wording which shows My "For Sale Blog" that will take you to the next blog. Now, when you go in there you will only see 1 item listed at this time. It is a working progress, and I was having problems with the paypal button, but think I have it figured out now. 

So, click the button above, you will see a Welcome to the blog, and there will be a clickable address further down in the readings that will take you to the blog with the posting too. Any problems, please let me know, ok? Otherwise, if you venture that far, good luck to you, and thank you for taking the time to view, and look. I appreciate it as this all takes time, and work. Especially for someone like me who is not all computer literate, and learns as I go. 

Well everyone, hope ya'll have had a gorgeous Sunday! Take care till the next time. Later......

Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative, Crafts, Handmade, Refurbish and Repurposed Treasures too! Let's share what we can!

Well, I think I am gonna try another thing here that I am sooo enjoying, and hope ya'll will too. Please, know that Vintage, Collectibles, Gently Used, etc is my passion & still my favorite thing to do & sell. But, there is also another side of me that just loves creating! Whether it is with scrapbooking pgs, crafts, refurbishing & repurposing I love a lot of it myself:o) Ok, what I am thinking of here, and maybe some of you would like to chip in & we share on this one too. Let's see, I am thinking of how we recycle things, and what we do with them. If any of you are like me, you don't throw things away, but find a use or home for them in some other way. Like some good people mentioned on the Vintage Village Ning I am signed up with....great group of sellers & buyers there too:) Anyway, everyone is kind of throwing ideas, and things around, and what fun it is too. So, I thought I would bring something like that to my blog for people to do here too.

Ok, skimming some of the ideas that have been shared is as such: shower curtain liners can be used for the artisitc ones as a drop cloth, using old work boots and such as planters for your plants, using denim jeans for a recycling thing that can be seen thru National Geographic with something being done there for assistance to others--I like denim jeans for the pockets off of them to craft with & to use the denim as scrap material for other things, scarves I like to use with crafting as it is fine simple light weight, and does well around some of the more wired projects where I need material that is lighter weight & sometimes transparent too, using broken jewelry for crafting, for your dusting and cleaning needs use the old socks & things like that--beats buying them darn thing cloths that don't last long & socks are washable too, old bowling balls can be used for making bugs to put into your yards for yard decor...paint them for instance like a ladybug-dig a small drop hole in the yard-place your new bug there-sturdy due to its weight-is reusable-and will stay in 1 place for you. Oh, this list can go on & on, couldn't it? 

So, upon reading this if you feel the urge to share something you have done, or an idea...please do. Working together, and sharing is a very strong thing that is soooo much fun too!:) Take care everyone, and enjoy. Get them creative juices flowing.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Informational about Homer Laughlin China Co, Hall China Co, and Syracuse Pottery

Hello to all who visit. Does anyone get the newsletter by Kovels sent to your emails? I do, and enjoy reading different little things about what sells, price of things that sell at auctions, and they always include some little informational thing about different subjects with collecting. Well, if you haven't read these newsletters, or don't get them, this is something I found interesting since I sometimes have different pieces in my shops that I sell. It is noted that Homer Laughlin is the last major pottery manufactured in the U.S. WOW! They have nice pieces too. Ok, another informational tidbit is that Syracuse Pottery closed in 2009. Hmm, so when out thrifting, you see anything from them, try to keep this little note in mind. Also, Hall China Co. merged with Homer Laughlin China Co on 3/25/10. For those who collect such pieces, or maybe resell them to, these are a few little notes to keep for such things. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deep Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring From Zales

Good Evening everyone, and stopping by to let ya'll know. I finally got this beautiful sapphire and diamond ring listed today!:) I have chosen to list it with my ecrater store at this time. When you get a chance, stop by to see all the pictures, and the description of this precious ring from zales. One of a king, and not many out there like this piece too. On the column to the right you will see listings done for some of my venues I sell at, and they are clickable. Just give it a click, and hop on over to visit. Hope ya'll had a beautiful day, and a great evening!:) Take care:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome & Happy Monday!

Hello Everyone & Happy Monday!! I know, Mondays usually are predictable & not much to really mention about. But, what the heck, it can be good just like all the other days too, right?:o) Ok, I am rambling already, but wanted to say a short hello, Welcome, and have a beautiful day everyone!:o) Changing a few things slightly with my blogspot, and thought I would drop in & say Hi too. Hope ya'll are doing well, being productive, and is a great Monday for you!:) Enjoy the day.........

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sapphire and Diamond Ring....Bonanzle or Ecrater?

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll have had a beautiful weekend! Spring is definitely here, and I am loving it too. I do believe we will have to mow our yard already also. Had city wide garage sales this weekend, and I am sad that I was not able to attend them. Watched grand baby all weekend, and that time is more special than the sales. But, not to worry because since those sales have started where I live others will be following suit doing the same thing. So, plenty of more times to go. 

I was at Good Will Wed. & was with someone. I know that everytime I go to an appt with her we will go shopping thru Good Will following that. I also know that when I am with her usually I do not have much time for me to look for myself. She wants my opinion with this, that, and if she sees me walking some where I get stopped again. Times like this I wish I was shopping by myself. Unfortunately, I seen a couple of things there with possibilities, and since I was so often side tracked I forgot about them, and left without getting them too. I thought of them again when I was doing some internet research. I seen something that made me think of the pieces I was interested in, and also what I could have done with them being creative too. 

I do want to mention quickly that I have decided to open a store again with ecrater. To see me there you can visit Still small inventory there right now, but hope to be adding a little more to it this week. Also, I have a sapphire and diamond ring that is gorgeous I had bought from Zales Jewelry back in about 1998, and it sits in my jewelry box all the time. I had an emerald one just like it, and was slightly smaller, but have given that one to a very dear & appreciative relative. Anyway, the sapphire ring has a marquise shaped dark blue sapphire stone with 18 diamonds around it. Then, on 1 side shank there are 2 rows of the square cut dark blue sapphire stone making a total of 6, and then above & below the 2 rows of square stones is a row of 3 diamonds making it a total of 6. The same thing is done on the other shank too. It does it no justice sitting in the box, not being worn, and has been so very lightly worn. It is all set within 14K gold too. Much better in person than I could picture, and right now trying to decide where to list this beautiful piece at. I am thinking maybe at bonanzle, or maybe with ecrater too. Once I get the listing done, I will let everyone here know about it too. Above I am showing 1 picture of a few I have taken to give ya'll an idea of my brief description of it too. 

Have a Great Day everyone!:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Addoway, Blujay

Welcome everyone, and soooo happy to be back home!! I am sooo sorry about not being here for a few days. Some things came up, and I was out of town for a bit. Then...prior to that, and still following that I am working on graduation preparations too. Last one of ours to have, and I have 2 celebrations to prepare for. So, yeah, been just a little bit busy for me lately. The time is starting to come faster for me now too:)

I hope this finds everyone in blogland doing well, and that ya'll had a beautiful weekend too. Now, I haven't posted anything new lately with my shops, but soon will be doing so. I did pull something out on the table to revise it a bit with some lace, ribbon, pearls, and etc. When I have it done I will show ya'll as I will then be posting it for sale too. 

I still have inventory with have been selling some things there the past couple of weeks too. I have a few items with, have listed a few with sight that is growing & comfortable to move around with & if you find a seller you like there they can also note to you other venues that they might sell with so you may follow them, and also a few items with too. Oh yes, the same name at all the places I sell with too. LilacsNDreams...I have had this name for so long now I wouldn't know what to do without it. Also, over time some have gotten use to what I do sell with that name. Can't imagine another has become a security for me I think:)

I do apologize for not having any new products listed to note to everyone, show pictures of, and etc. Please accept my apologies with this, and know that I will be back fully once I get through graduation. Hmm...spring, yard sales, flea markets, treasure hunting....YES! I love this time of year too! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Can't wait to start painting a few things too. Ok, enough said....ya'll take care & have a beautiful week too! Best of luck to you with all your ventures, sales, crafts, and etc. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Addoway, and Bluejay Too!

Good Evening everyone & hope ya'll had a beautiful Easter Weekend! I know, I is now hump day, and I have fallen a bit behind. Please forgive me as I have been researching some things, and last week along with this week the house was being shown too. When that happens I have to be gone for a while upon their viewing. 

Just a reminder to the venues that I have things listed at for sale....

Bonanzle is a great place that is growing, and keeps growing too. The last I seen there were over 229,000 members with the numbers still climbing. No slowing down with this place. 

Etsy is great for vintage items, and also for the hand made items too. Very talented people there, and you should check it out when you can. 

Addoway is still very very new, but is actually a breath of fresh air with the ease of moving around there, and if you can't find what you are looking for there they do allow their sellers to also mention their websites to you, the other venues, they use, their blogspots, and etc. They have been doing well with gaining members there too.

Blujay has been here for a while, but is still easy to move around with, and does have many sellers who are listed with them there too. 

When ya'll get a chance, you should stop by and check my shops out at all places, and take the time to visit some of the other sellers there too. You would be very pleased with the things you can find at each sight. 

Here is a quote that I found today, and would like to share with you also.  "Live in such a way, that if anyone should speak badly of you no one will believe it!" Now, isn't that the truth when you think about it! Hmm...just be yourself:) 

Ok everyone, I will close this for the night. Hope ya'll have had a great weekend, and are having a Beautiful productive Hump Day too! Take care my blogging friends till the next time. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

First of all...Thank You Joylene Nowell at for giving me this award! I am very pleased, and very honored to have received it. Thank You sooo much! I have the duty of also choosing other blogs, and giving this award to them. It is very late here...2:21 a.m. and I am getting very tired. While the steaks are grilling later today, I will come back on here to work on this. WHEW! I keep retyping as I cannot seem to spell right, and my fingers & the keyboard are not working together very well right now. Again, thank you sooo much Joylene & what an honor to have received this. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

There are just sooo many beautiful blogs out there it is hard to just choose 10 for this award. So, no one please be upset with me as I wish I could list ALL of you, but you are so good that I just know that someone will come along, and choose you.

Here are the rules for this award:

The rules are simple, copy the logo, choose those blogs that you find most beautiful (sometimes that means words alone) and link back to the one who chose you. Here's my list. Please stop by when you can. I struggled to keep it under 10. Those of you who aren't mentioned, I knew you would be chosen by someone else, if not already.

These blogs along with many many others that I could not list here do such a good job whether it is the pictures they show, their blogs are so organized, they are informative, and they all share something of what they like & desire too. When you can, please stop by to visit them:)

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Have a Beautiful, and most enjoyable day!! Take care all:-)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter & Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!!

Hello Everyone & a very HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND to all! What plans does everyone have? If anything, I am hoping you are not alone, but can share the time with someone special whether it is family, your spouse, a close friend, and etc. For the first time I shall be by myself this holiday. Hubby in CA driving, kids are grown up & on their own, and yes...but it will be good as I will come to the computer, and converse with all my internet friends who also cannot stay away from the darn thing:)

Well, I had 2 sales this week. Always hoping for more, but will be happy with what happens right now too. And, I understand that once this inventory is gone I will be changing things a little bit more by selecting a few different vintage things to sell, and also refurbishing/repurposing items I find too. I am very excited about adding in this new venture along with what I do, and besides having fun with it & liking what I do I am hoping to be able to offer pieces to everyone too. 

I had bought some wood pieces to play with a little bit at home for the decor here. I get those done I will picture & show them to everyone. So, I bought a can of spray paint in a fabulous vintage blue color. I am getting more excited as I think about it too:) I have been researching a bit, and touching up on some ideas I have, and hope to maybe work on something this weekend that I have the glues, and supplies at the house for right now. I know...before and after pictures will help too, right? 

Sorry for being a bit absent here lately. Spring is coming, I have been house cleaning-organizing-separating things for donations-etc. Also, they showed our house on Wednesday, so I was busy making sure things were in order for viewing too. A party that has shown interest for a little over a year now, and it has been off & on. Time will tell:)

Well, I am off to working on some things, but first gonna run down to the little flea market in the area for the weekend. Gotta see what little goodies/trinkets I can find, right? Thanks for stopping by here, and don't forget to visit me also at the venues I sell at too.

Those are the ones for now, and am working on narrowing down a more once I get my other venture working to where I would like it too. Instead of spreading out so much I would like to focus my time, and energy more into maybe just a couple of places. Anyway, ya'll have a beautiful weekend, again thanks for stopping by here, and HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Take care....
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