Monday, April 12, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Addoway, Blujay

Welcome everyone, and soooo happy to be back home!! I am sooo sorry about not being here for a few days. Some things came up, and I was out of town for a bit. Then...prior to that, and still following that I am working on graduation preparations too. Last one of ours to have, and I have 2 celebrations to prepare for. So, yeah, been just a little bit busy for me lately. The time is starting to come faster for me now too:)

I hope this finds everyone in blogland doing well, and that ya'll had a beautiful weekend too. Now, I haven't posted anything new lately with my shops, but soon will be doing so. I did pull something out on the table to revise it a bit with some lace, ribbon, pearls, and etc. When I have it done I will show ya'll as I will then be posting it for sale too. 

I still have inventory with have been selling some things there the past couple of weeks too. I have a few items with, have listed a few with sight that is growing & comfortable to move around with & if you find a seller you like there they can also note to you other venues that they might sell with so you may follow them, and also a few items with too. Oh yes, the same name at all the places I sell with too. LilacsNDreams...I have had this name for so long now I wouldn't know what to do without it. Also, over time some have gotten use to what I do sell with that name. Can't imagine another has become a security for me I think:)

I do apologize for not having any new products listed to note to everyone, show pictures of, and etc. Please accept my apologies with this, and know that I will be back fully once I get through graduation. Hmm...spring, yard sales, flea markets, treasure hunting....YES! I love this time of year too! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Can't wait to start painting a few things too. Ok, enough said....ya'll take care & have a beautiful week too! Best of luck to you with all your ventures, sales, crafts, and etc. 


  1. I'm a new member of Shabby Cottage Shops
    Pretty Blog design!

  2. Thanks so much Kristy! I appreciate that. Still a working progress, and learning too. But, has been fun:)


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