Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrift Stores, Second Hand Stores, Crafts, Homer Laughlin......

Hello to all who visit, and wishing ya'll a beautiful day too! Well, here it is another day, another part of the week, and yucky weather here! Rain, rain, and more rain....maybe I should be working on some craft things today, or better yet I should be listing more today too.

I just recently sold some of my Homer Laughlin plates to a customer, and of course I was happy about the sale. This person is going to be using them for her mosaic work that she does. Beautiful plates with the roses in the center. I can understand why they would have been chosen for this creation. I wish Katie with katiedesigns the best of luck with the plates, and hope they arrive safely for her project use.

If we look hard there are many things out there for all of use to use for any crafting projects we might have. I spent day with daughter yesterday, and she was amazed at the sales I found, the prices I spent, and how much I got for little or nothing. She also was amazed at how I was pointing out to her that this could be used for this, or I could do this, or maybe I should do this, and  little of that instead, etc etc. The more I moved around things, the more ideas I kept getting. She just looked at me, and commented how she would have never thought of that! Hmm...feel them creative juices flowing! Oh, yes, and I seen some really neat glassware & some adorable vintage kitchen pieces. But, the condition was not quite at the point that I would like to sell them. Sorry, but I have faith I will find plenty more as time moves along here. 

Well, time to be moving on, and trying to accomplish something a little more constructive today. Take care everyone, and visit me with my spots while out roaming, and you have a  little spare time. Take care till the next time my friends:o)

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