Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My For Sale Blog & Garage Sale Time!!

Good Evening all, and thanks for stopping by:o) YES! That time of year when the weather is great, so pretty out, things blooming, and most of all....Garage Sale time too! Starting tomorrow & for the rest of the week there is a big one that is in Sioux Falls, SD...about an hr from me. It is on 1 side of the town, and it is house upon house upon house that has their goods out to clean house. There is a lot for the picking, and sometimes some really good deals too. Each year there are more people there, and they mark their calenders for it too. I love these kind of events because not only can I find some really neat goods with vintage, can some collectibles, but I also find a lot of things for crafting with, refurbishing, and oh.....garage sale heaven!:) 

Don't forget that at the top is the button for My 'For Sale Blog' and upon clicking that, and then clicking the address it will take you to the 2nd blog I have started to try, and move more of the selling venues along with items for sale over there. Or, if you want to add it to your list of following too that address is http://www.LilacsNDreams-2.blogspot.com  Then, if you wish to maybe buy something directly from the blog without visiting one of the venues, you will be able to do so with paypal right now. I have to get google checkout figured out so that I may also offer that to everyone. 

Ok, I am yawning, time for bed. Whew! getting late here! Ya'll take care & have a beautiful evening!:o)

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