Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Informational about Homer Laughlin China Co, Hall China Co, and Syracuse Pottery

Hello to all who visit. Does anyone get the newsletter by Kovels sent to your emails? I do, and enjoy reading different little things about what sells, price of things that sell at auctions, and they always include some little informational thing about different subjects with collecting. Well, if you haven't read these newsletters, or don't get them, this is something I found interesting since I sometimes have different pieces in my shops that I sell. It is noted that Homer Laughlin is the last major pottery manufactured in the U.S. WOW! They have nice pieces too. Ok, another informational tidbit is that Syracuse Pottery closed in 2009. Hmm, so when out thrifting, you see anything from them, try to keep this little note in mind. Also, Hall China Co. merged with Homer Laughlin China Co on 3/25/10. For those who collect such pieces, or maybe resell them to, these are a few little notes to keep for such things. 

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