Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter & Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!!

Hello Everyone & a very HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND to all! What plans does everyone have? If anything, I am hoping you are not alone, but can share the time with someone special whether it is family, your spouse, a close friend, and etc. For the first time I shall be by myself this holiday. Hubby in CA driving, kids are grown up & on their own, and yes...but it will be good as I will come to the computer, and converse with all my internet friends who also cannot stay away from the darn thing:)

Well, I had 2 sales this week. Always hoping for more, but will be happy with what happens right now too. And, I understand that once this inventory is gone I will be changing things a little bit more by selecting a few different vintage things to sell, and also refurbishing/repurposing items I find too. I am very excited about adding in this new venture along with what I do, and besides having fun with it & liking what I do I am hoping to be able to offer pieces to everyone too. 

I had bought some wood pieces to play with a little bit at home for the decor here. I get those done I will picture & show them to everyone. So, I bought a can of spray paint in a fabulous vintage blue color. I am getting more excited as I think about it too:) I have been researching a bit, and touching up on some ideas I have, and hope to maybe work on something this weekend that I have the glues, and supplies at the house for right now. I know...before and after pictures will help too, right? 

Sorry for being a bit absent here lately. Spring is coming, I have been house cleaning-organizing-separating things for donations-etc. Also, they showed our house on Wednesday, so I was busy making sure things were in order for viewing too. A party that has shown interest for a little over a year now, and it has been off & on. Time will tell:)

Well, I am off to working on some things, but first gonna run down to the little flea market in the area for the weekend. Gotta see what little goodies/trinkets I can find, right? Thanks for stopping by here, and don't forget to visit me also at the venues I sell at too.

Those are the ones for now, and am working on narrowing down a more once I get my other venture working to where I would like it too. Instead of spreading out so much I would like to focus my time, and energy more into maybe just a couple of places. Anyway, ya'll have a beautiful weekend, again thanks for stopping by here, and HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Take care....

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