Friday, April 23, 2010

Creative, Crafts, Handmade, Refurbish and Repurposed Treasures too! Let's share what we can!

Well, I think I am gonna try another thing here that I am sooo enjoying, and hope ya'll will too. Please, know that Vintage, Collectibles, Gently Used, etc is my passion & still my favorite thing to do & sell. But, there is also another side of me that just loves creating! Whether it is with scrapbooking pgs, crafts, refurbishing & repurposing I love a lot of it myself:o) Ok, what I am thinking of here, and maybe some of you would like to chip in & we share on this one too. Let's see, I am thinking of how we recycle things, and what we do with them. If any of you are like me, you don't throw things away, but find a use or home for them in some other way. Like some good people mentioned on the Vintage Village Ning I am signed up with....great group of sellers & buyers there too:) Anyway, everyone is kind of throwing ideas, and things around, and what fun it is too. So, I thought I would bring something like that to my blog for people to do here too.

Ok, skimming some of the ideas that have been shared is as such: shower curtain liners can be used for the artisitc ones as a drop cloth, using old work boots and such as planters for your plants, using denim jeans for a recycling thing that can be seen thru National Geographic with something being done there for assistance to others--I like denim jeans for the pockets off of them to craft with & to use the denim as scrap material for other things, scarves I like to use with crafting as it is fine simple light weight, and does well around some of the more wired projects where I need material that is lighter weight & sometimes transparent too, using broken jewelry for crafting, for your dusting and cleaning needs use the old socks & things like that--beats buying them darn thing cloths that don't last long & socks are washable too, old bowling balls can be used for making bugs to put into your yards for yard decor...paint them for instance like a ladybug-dig a small drop hole in the yard-place your new bug there-sturdy due to its weight-is reusable-and will stay in 1 place for you. Oh, this list can go on & on, couldn't it? 

So, upon reading this if you feel the urge to share something you have done, or an idea...please do. Working together, and sharing is a very strong thing that is soooo much fun too!:) Take care everyone, and enjoy. Get them creative juices flowing.....

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