Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marquise Sapphire & Diamond Ring Zales 14K Yellow Gold in next blog

Good Evening everyone & hope this finds ya'll doing well. I have been busy most of the day reading blogs, looking at different things, and trying to work on my blog more to improve it, and to make it better for those who visit with me too. I have mentioned for some time now that I am hoping to work more with my blog, and add pictures to items I am offering for sale with different venues along with a paypal button, and soon a google checkout button too. Instead of visiting the venues I list at, signing up with some in order to purchase, etc You would then be able to buy straight from my blog. Well, I have found another way to revise things a little bit, and for those who are interested in what things are selling, for what price, etc you will be able to go to another blog I have for this now. It is just a click away too. If you go to the top, under my LilacsNDreams header you will see different words along there. Sorry, nothing fancy, and it is all a working progress for me yet too. Bear with me please. Anyway, if you click on the wording which shows My "For Sale Blog" that will take you to the next blog. Now, when you go in there you will only see 1 item listed at this time. It is a working progress, and I was having problems with the paypal button, but think I have it figured out now. 

So, click the button above, you will see a Welcome to the blog, and there will be a clickable address further down in the readings that will take you to the blog with the posting too. Any problems, please let me know, ok? Otherwise, if you venture that far, good luck to you, and thank you for taking the time to view, and look. I appreciate it as this all takes time, and work. Especially for someone like me who is not all computer literate, and learns as I go. 

Well everyone, hope ya'll have had a gorgeous Sunday! Take care till the next time. Later......

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