Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sapphire and Diamond Ring....Bonanzle or Ecrater?

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll have had a beautiful weekend! Spring is definitely here, and I am loving it too. I do believe we will have to mow our yard already also. Had city wide garage sales this weekend, and I am sad that I was not able to attend them. Watched grand baby all weekend, and that time is more special than the sales. But, not to worry because since those sales have started where I live others will be following suit doing the same thing. So, plenty of more times to go. 

I was at Good Will Wed. & was with someone. I know that everytime I go to an appt with her we will go shopping thru Good Will following that. I also know that when I am with her usually I do not have much time for me to look for myself. She wants my opinion with this, that, and if she sees me walking some where I get stopped again. Times like this I wish I was shopping by myself. Unfortunately, I seen a couple of things there with possibilities, and since I was so often side tracked I forgot about them, and left without getting them too. I thought of them again when I was doing some internet research. I seen something that made me think of the pieces I was interested in, and also what I could have done with them being creative too. 

I do want to mention quickly that I have decided to open a store again with ecrater. To see me there you can visit Still small inventory there right now, but hope to be adding a little more to it this week. Also, I have a sapphire and diamond ring that is gorgeous I had bought from Zales Jewelry back in about 1998, and it sits in my jewelry box all the time. I had an emerald one just like it, and was slightly smaller, but have given that one to a very dear & appreciative relative. Anyway, the sapphire ring has a marquise shaped dark blue sapphire stone with 18 diamonds around it. Then, on 1 side shank there are 2 rows of the square cut dark blue sapphire stone making a total of 6, and then above & below the 2 rows of square stones is a row of 3 diamonds making it a total of 6. The same thing is done on the other shank too. It does it no justice sitting in the box, not being worn, and has been so very lightly worn. It is all set within 14K gold too. Much better in person than I could picture, and right now trying to decide where to list this beautiful piece at. I am thinking maybe at bonanzle, or maybe with ecrater too. Once I get the listing done, I will let everyone here know about it too. Above I am showing 1 picture of a few I have taken to give ya'll an idea of my brief description of it too. 

Have a Great Day everyone!:)

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