Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Bonanzle, Etsy

Good Evening Everyone & hope this finds all doing well in Blogger Land:) Whew! Been busy past few days with helping my sister close her scrapbook store. Packing, taking containers of things out, taking down grid walls, separating racks, and etc. Everything is all packed, has been moved, now just the bigger items of grid walls & racks need to be moved by the trailer in the next few days. Body is hurting a little bit tonight:)

Finally will have a little bit of ME time now. I can get back to work on taking pics, listing a few more things, work on my venues, and etc. I was fortunate to sell a couple of things these past few days. Great customers, fast payers, and things have gone very smooth. Just like I like it, and also how the customers want it too:) 

Bonanzle is still staying busy, and I still have a few things listed with etsy too. I have decided for a little bit more control, and to separate inventory a bit I will focus with these 2 sights right now. Unless...never know if another one might come up too:) 

I also have been working a little bit with my blog. Soon I will show a few pics of things I am offering for sale. IF someone would see something that they like while visiting here they will also be able to purchase from here as I have added the paypal button to the side of my blog. It is clickable, and takes you directly to paypal where you will add the total amount you are purchasing which will be the item price, the shipping, and the insurance that I always include for a more secure delivery too...and then you give your information needed by them to complete the purchase. Just like shopping with other places, but only on here. Bear with me, still a working progress.....if only there was more time in a day to complete everything. Anyway, that is where some things are at right now. Hope ya'll had a great weekend & wishing you a gorgeous week too!:) Later:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Vintage, Collectibles

Good Evening & Welcome back:) For some you will notice that I am slowly working a little more each time with my blogspot to make it better, and more enjoyable for all that visit. And, if you happen to hit the button to follow me....Thank You so very much! I appreciate that!

I was fortunate to make another sale on bonanzle yesterday, and that made me feel good too. A lot of work with advertising, getting my name out there along with my products too. Some people, or even new sellers I think feel that the products are just set there for viewing, and buying too. But, there is much time that goes into setting up your place of venue, the look of it, the color, what will appeal to the public but also show your style too, the time it takes to fill your area of different products being offered, the layout of the items with the description--your policies--taking pictures--shipping policies--researching your item so that your price will also be competitive & fair to what the value of the item is, and just so many things. So, when a sale is made it is a big accomplisment too.

My goal is to clean house a little bit more before I can make my lists, and go out to start refurbishing the inventory here. And, also so that I can work on my plans of adding some of the creative items for sale with my inventory too. I am really getting excited for that, and hope I can do what I would like to with no big disappointments. Hmm...makes me nervous. Well, I have a customer to contact and notify of shipping. At this time I always use priority mail & have for years now. Along with that the insurance is included for a more secure delivery too. I am happy with how my shipping is done, and have never had any complaints with it either.

Stop by my bonanzle booth...LilacsNDreams when you can. And, don't forget my shop with etsy too. Same name there also:)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Paypal, Vintage, Collectibles, HandMade

Hello again everyone, and hope ya'll have had a great Monday! Still got snow on the ground here, little bit more predicted, but is it ccooolllddd! Hope ya'll are staying warm where you are at. 

Didn't do much today except go through different nings, social medias, signing up here & there & etc. I am happy to say I did get my paypal button off to the side on my blog. I am going to set my blog up that when I show items, and if you are interested in buying them without visiting any of the venues, you will be able to do so with the paypal button. Will save a step for some of you, and hopefully be a quick and simple process too. Bear with me as it is new to me also, and hopefully get worked through it ok together. 

The last I checked Bonanzle was very close to the 200,000 member mark. The membership there has really climbed fast, and there has been many items added for sale there too. With all the new members came many more products being offered along with more products offered by the already bonanzle members too. You get a chance, stop by some time to lounge, and have a look. There is really some neat stuff there!:)

Hmm...don't forget etsy too:) They do not just do handmade items there, but they also sell vintage, and some supplies there too. Their memberships keep growing also, and more items are listed there too. I do have some of my items listed there, and am hopeful to have other items listed by the spring into summer time. The other items will consist of items I want to make, create, refurbish, repurpose, crafty, paint, etc. Waiting for some good weather to go supply shopping, and open some windows to paint some things too. 

Ok, time to leave here for a bit. Hope ya'll have had a great Monday, and wishing everyone a great week! Take care...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Bonanzle, Etsy

It is Saturday, and stopping by to say Hi to everyone!:) I have been reading through different blogs, and different websites of many great people who do very well with their writings. One place intrigued me, and it reminded me of what I like to do too. 

I love selling vintage, collectibles, unique items, and know that there are many places on the internet to shop for these items too. There are many wonderful sellers of this area that could be mentioned, and my list could go on forever. At the same time I am reminded that I too could carry on talking about all things vintage, and collectibles too. There is a big area of many things considered vintage. It just all depends on what you are looking for at the time of viewing. How old do you want it to be, what kind of condition are you looking for...remember not all of these items will be perfect due to their previous lives...what item are you looking for in particular, the color, the size, is it home decor, furniture, jewelry, clothing, accessories, dinnerware, kitchenware, etc. So many lovely things to be viewed. 

Do you sell vintage? Don't you just love the stories that go along with the sales? Sales from your own inventory and searches, also don't forget the sales from consigning such items too. Hmm....Something to think about. Well, enjoy your evening, and all your searches for the vintage, collectibles, unique items. Have fun everyone!:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Hand Made

Hello & Happy Weekend Everyone! Hasn't really been much of a week here. We got snow again, and I don't know about ya'll, but I am sooo ready for spring! I have some crafty/creative things I would like to work on. I need to get some paints, primers, brushes, etc so I can work on some things that I am starting to collect at home. I just found a couple more wood items that I was gonna list for sale, but decided to keep them & paint them/refurbish them. Got some ideas, and hope I can create the pictures in my mind too. I think it will be fun, and of course something I enjoy doing too. Just nervous about having it come out the way I picture, and that it will be good enough for someone else to enjoy too. Ya'll get a chance, stop by my booth at bonanzle, and have a look at some of the things I have listed there. Working on lowering the inventory at home, and cleaning house. Also, you can check my shop at etsy too. I have listed a few things there as well. Take care & have a beautiful weekend!:)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bonanzle Booth and Etsy Shop

Another beautiful sunny day, still very cold, but I can handle that along with the sunshine...makes a person feel good:) Working on my blog a lil bit again. Notice I added my photos from flickr now. I thought of the slideshow from photobucket, and was setting up to do it, but then remembered the issues they were having recently with viruses from their ads, banners, etc. So, to be safe I chose flickr for now. Items showing are mostly listed with my booth at bonanzle, but there are some with my shop at etsy too. 

Well, gonna try to keep this short. I have things to get listed, and have been a lil lazy past few days. I spent more time talking with people, and answering questions about consigning, online sales consigning, and etc. I use to have a store front consignment store, so I try to offer what I know to those who ask. Anyway, hope ya'll are having a great Wednesday...Hump Day! Take Care.....

Drop and Drag and Organization With Sidebar on Blogspot

Hello again, and just dropping a quick note for those inquiring minds. As we are finding out there is an issue with the drag and drop on the side bar with the page element. Mine just started all of a sudden, no warning, no error message, nothing. Been going through the google forums for answers which this has been an ongong issue for a long time. Many are not finding answers, many have found switching to FireFox fixed the issue, etc. I have FireFox, and it started in that. So...others complaining it wasn't working for them, but I relunctantly used IE & I still have 7 too. Well, darn, it worked on that browser. So, at this time if I want to drag and drop on my side bar, I will have to do it in the IE 7 that I have...ugh! Be nice if they would address the issue, and fix it. Anyway...thought I would share this little tidbit of info with ya'll. It is really late, and I am going to bed....Nite ya'll:)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

California Original Pottery and White Ceramic Picture Frame

Hello everyone, and wishing you Happy Hump Day....will be here in about 11 minutes for me:) I am really upset with my blogspot right now, and wondered if anyone else was having same issues that I am. I cannot drag, and rearrange in my layout on the side bar with new things I am trying to add in. I can only drag so far, if it will allow me to drag. This started yesterday, and you know how it is trying to complain to google about a technical issue. You don't seem to get anywhere with it. From what I read this has been happening for a few days now with others experiencing the same problem....nothing has been fixed yet. Ugh!! Hopefully something is done about it soon. I cannot add anything to the side bar, and then just leave it. I have to be able to organize it too. 



The first picture above you with the orange red burnt color is a piece of california pottery I listed at my booth at bonanzle. It has gold accents, slightly raised design within the leaf shapes, and even the feet on the bottom are gold too:) Then, the white frame made of ceramic is small, adorable, and decorative was also listed in my booth at bonanzle. Adorable white birds with a soft pink & green color in the flower too. Get a chance stop by to browse, and see my different treasures listed there. 

Take care everyone, till the next time. Have a Great Hump Day!!:)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Unique Treasures

Ok, it is cold out today...again, wind blowing a bit, my feet are cold, and there is a draft at the window in the office room. My nose is cold..HeHe! I am sooo begging for it to please be spring, spring come to us, I am in need of spring:) I am getting cabin fever, and wanting to hit some sales for the collectibles I can find to offer to you, and also to finish up with some of my supplies I need to get the craft side of me in gear to do some work. I have a few ideas with some things I already have here, but need to get some paints, and I need some different glues to use for different things too. I have a few supplies here, but need some bondable glue that is good for fabrics, sturdy, will hold, etc. Also, I need a good glue that is durable for glass/ceramic items. Any suggestions I would so appreciate them!:) 

Well, enough babbling. Time to get the space heater, and bring it this way so I can now get some work done. The plumber was here, finally got the water leak fixed in the basement...whew! Water got over by wires, breaker boxes, etc. NOT liking that. But, should be fixed now. Hope ya'll have a great Monday, and many happy sales, creative works, crafts, etc. Enjoy!! :-) 

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here is to wishing everyone.......HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Hope ya'll are able to enjoy the day, be with someone, and share. My Hubby is in Amarillo, TX waiting on his next destination to go to, Kids are all grown up doing their own thing, so here I am today alone....first time:) Hubby gave me wake up call this morning & I was gonna sleep in..HeHe! I researched a few things, and later today will probably list those in my booth. But, first things first, gonna go sit down for a while, lounge, and try to enjoy the day with the TV all to myself. Hoping everyone has a beautiful day!:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures

Wanting to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day & a very Happy Weekend too!:) I worked a lil bit on my twitter page...changed the background, and my picture/avatar. I THINK you can tell the colors I kind of like, and what I lean on a lil bit too:) This isn't long at this time, but will be back. Wanted say Happy Valentines Day before something came up, and I didn't make it back here. Get a chance check out my booth at bonanzle, and my shop at etsy...clickable buttons on top right side of blog. Also, stop by and tweet me sometimes too. Or, I always welcome a visit to facebook also. Still trying to figure out the fan page there, and if it will be worth it, but anway...gotta run. Will visit with ya'll later. Got grandbaby, and chasing her again....No weekends to me it appears:)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures, Gently Used

Good Day Everyone, and hope your weekend is off to a good start for you! Ever feel like the pic you see above? I sure do! Some days I just cannot get it all done, or never enough time in a day to do all that I need to do...Ugh! Well, for one thing, if you are shopping for vintage, collectibles, treasures, gently used items I suggest looking at And also looking at Yes, you can find a little bit of these items between these 2 places. Etsy is known for hand made, but also has allowed sellers with their vintage, collectibles, antiques to sell here too. Bonanzle shows a little bit of everything too. No specific area for them, but a lil of everything. 

If you wish to stop by either place, or both places, stop by my shop/booth that I have at both. The name I use is LilacsNDreams. Or, if you like, at the upper right side of the column under my banner you will see links there for each one that is clickable, and takes you right into those places starting with my places first.

Wishing ya'll a beautiful, and enjoyable weekend! Take care, and wishing everyone well. Later...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello and Etsy

Hello again everyone, and here it is Thursday. The week is almost gone already! I got my first question on an item I listed at Etsy, and I cannot believe people! I am not trying to be mean, but I do not deal with international shipping. The only one I will deal with is Canada. Too much paper work, cannot verify things, easy for the customer accuse of not receiving item when you cannot put a tracking number with the item, etc. Canada has always been easier to deal with, and usually no hassles. 

Well, I do have it in my policies that I have chose to NOT ship internationally at this time, but someone from France still had to ask the question. I try to keep my listings short, and not so boring, but I try to also note everything so the buyer does not have to take the time to keep emailing, and ask questions, and waiting for a response. Oh, well, not sure if I will hear from them again, but I did respond, gave them a quote, and told them 'IF' I were to ship etc etc. 

I am soooo ready for spring!! Hubby in California, and commenting how he is sitting with 68 degree weather this morning...HaHa! Well, everyone, trying to catch up a lil bit here. Power off for a while today to fix a line that needed repairs. So, computer was off, and it was boring, but I got to sort through a couple of more boxes. Have a Great Day Everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bonanzle and Etsy Clickable Buttons Now Added

Ok, I am messing around here:) I was adding the clickable buttons on the side for my bonanzle booth, and my etsy shop. Got those done, and I hit a button & thought yeah, don't need that & boom! Took out the background template I was using for my blog! Uh Oh!! So, I went in search, found the same one using before, put it back on...Whew! Then, I started looking at another place that I found someone at bonanzle. Course, I seen the button for purple, and just had to hit it, and what beautiful choices there were too! I love the blog backgrounds everyone makes, and sometimes some of them are a little too much. Ya know, get in the way of what you print, pics, etc. But, everyone has their own tastes, and I respect that:)

Anyway, beside antiquing, junking, etc I like to do crafts, and scrapbooking too. I also like butterflies, angels, etc and when I seen this background I thought what the heck! Give it a try. So, to make a really long story short, that is how this happened. I hope ya'll like it as it is starting to grow on me, and I don't think the graphic stuff will be a problem with my listings. Enjoy everyone, and have a great evening! Now...maybe I can list a couple of more things on bonanzle that I researched now. Take care...

Bonanzle, Etsy, All Things Vintage, Etc

Hello, and good afternoon to all that stop. WHEW! Is it cold here! I had to bring the space heater into the computer room to get some way I can stay off my computer:) Got a towel up on the window, shoved into the crack & frame where ever I could get it to fit, etc. It is nice & sunny out, but that wind!! Bbuurrr!! Our talks of moving are often thought of more during times like this. Hubby not help any when he rubs it in he is visiting in a nice warmer area...last week florida, and today/tomorrow into california. I just might have to get in that truck with him, and go!! LOL!

Not doing a whole lot right now. Read forums at bonanzle to see if anything new, worked on my facebook page...the fan one trying to figure it out....Facebook changed their pg again too! Also, working on this blogspot of mine to try & improve it more each time for all of you. Bear with me as I am not the computer literate type...I learn as I go by trial & error, or getting help from some. 

Hope everyone having a great day! Stay warm where you are, and hope the snow has quit for you. Stop by my booth at bonanzle, or check out what I started at etsy too. Both places, same know...LilacsNDreams :-)

Take care,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday!!

Hi Everyone! Ready for Super Bowl Sunday?! Our plans have changed a lil bit around here today. Due to snow, empty trailer, Hubbey won't be able to make it home & watch the game with us:( Better safe than sorry, right? 

Hope ya'll are ready for the big day. I will be watching, but also working on listings, pictures, etc. Gotta move inventory at house here is my goal so that I can make room for my next venture I would like to add in with this. 

Take care everyone & Have a Super Sunday!! Good Luck with Super Bowl!!

Braided Weaved Made Baskets, Soft Pink and Rose Flowered Serving Bowl

Good Morning Everyone & it is Super Bowl Sunday!! WooHoo!! Big day today:) Well, after talking with a few people, research, etc...if you didn't know it before it is official you have to watch how you use the words shabby chic. You are NOT allowed to use them together when selling items, when describing your home, etc. They can only be used in reference to when it is actually shabby chic, and bought that way too. There are different ways to get around it, and reword it like shabby and chic, chic and shabby, shab, chic, etc. But, do not put them 2 words together as they do have a trademark on them, ok?

For those who are curious I have listed a few more things in my booth at  I also have put a few things into my booth at  too. I decided to keep that spot there for my venture I am planning to work on this spring. Was putting a few things together today that I want to bring back to life, craft, etc. I have more ideas, but am just putting things together, and still making them notes too. Will keep ya'll posted as time goes along. 

Ok, it is really late for me here. Time to go to bed. Have a Great Sunday everyone, and enjoy the game!! 


Saturday, February 6, 2010

WOW! Careful How You Word Things!

 Hello Everyone! Wanted to pass some news onto you IF you didn't know about it already. A couple of the ning social medias I belonged to are taking a break right now, and having to go thru everything. This includes selling, blogspots, social medias, etsy, etc etc. Not sure if Rachael Ashwell is pursuing it, but Target is a big seller as we all know. You will not be permited to use the words shabby, and chic...WOW! Who would have thought there would be something to that as you are describing the items/products, and many people have noted that they are not associated with Rachael Ashwell in anyway too. But, until something is more definite about this You might want to be careful about using those words right now. Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light onto this. 

Hope everyone has a Fabulous weekend! I will! Got a new business card I put together today, sold an item today & it is mailed and on it's way to them, and I revised a few things at bonanzle, and listed a couple more things too. Busy, busy, busy. Take care till the next time everyone!! Later......

Friday, February 5, 2010

Business Cards, Photo Editing Programs

Hello Everyone! Today should have been Monday again...UGH! Checked all my emails & accounts last night, and was kind of quiet. So, I shut down early, and went to bed...Nice it wasn't another late night. This morning found notices from paypal & bonanzle about a sale, and it ended Feb. 4th...Hmm. 

Oh, well, I started copying invoices, bubble wrapping, got the tissue out to use to wrap with, etc. Putting things together, and couldn't find a business card. Hmm, must have been out. So, grabbed disc I have them downloaded to so that I could print. Wouldn't let me do it as the publisher program I used on other computer was not on this one, and raising a fit with me. Now what! Needless to say, I spent most of morning going thru my discs, looking for any of my cards I saved, and ended up making a really simple one for the customer. Once that was done & shipped I spent time trying to put together another business card.

I did find a business card I used when at the bay. I downloaded it, but now not sure what program to use to revise it, take some of the wording out & add some in, etc. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I am in need of a new photo editing program, and just not sure which one to use anymore. What is a good one? I have to get my son's senior pics ready & do need a descent program to do those, the invitations I will make, etc. 

Hope everyone having a great day & have a fabulous weekend too! Wishing ya'll a better day than I:) 


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bringing the Old to Life Again, Repurposed, Refurbished Treasures

Hello again to all who are visiting! Hope you will find this enjoyable, and maybe decide to stop by again too:) I came from another blog, and read some things on there, and am hoping to improve myself with my blog just a little bit more each time so that most of you will enjoy stopping by here. 

Yes, I do sell at different venues on the internet, and will show those pictures here, leave comments with them, but I do try to also note about other bloggers and the wonderful things they have & show, or will note something about another seller that has caught my attention, sometimes I will stop by here to say Hi to everyone & wish you well, sometimes I might share a thought too. I try to not make it the same thing over, and over as I too would tire of that, and move on. A quick note, as mentioned before I have another venture I am looking at working on, have read a lil, researched a lil, and am hoping this spring to get the supplies together, and get started with it. Going back to the basics, and start working on more of the creative side that I sooo love to do, and should have listed to family & friends all along about it. Anyway......

Now, if you would like to contact me personally, off to the right you will see an envelope saying contact me, and you can click on that & you should then be able to email me. Do I respond? Emails are MUCH easier to see & respond to then how the blog is set up here. I feel horrid as I know there are some who follow me, or comment, and etc. Unfortunately, I do not see those right away, and feel bad if you have been overlooked. Please, know that I do the best I can to respond from my blog. With my email accounts I read all of them everyday along with checking the venues I sell at, the social sights I am signed up with, and etc. Busy Busy Busy, but gotta love it, right?:)

Ya'll take care & have a Beautiful Day! Till the next time........


Pyrex, American Collectibles, Decorative Plates See at Bonanzle

Good Morning Everyone & glad you stopped by! Looks like the ground hog seen his shadow, so 6 more wks? of the snow? UGH! I so was hoping that maybe spring could have come a lil sooner...getting tired of the snow. Ready for spring to go diggin with yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc. You can always tell when it is shopping time again. Especially if I want to look for some things with a new venture I would like to add along with the items I sell. Am getting excited, and hope I can do what I am planning right now.:)

Pyrex Gold Butteryfly 1 PT Casserole Dish with the Lid. Upon looking thru my booth I noticed I had a few more Pyrex pieces than I realized..Hmm. They are good pieces that last through time too.

Unique set of plates that were decorated. I can find no signature on here from the original creator, but how unique they are. Both the man & woman figures here have been glued with cloth, netting for her face, felt like material, and a gorgeous trim around the rim that has a painted like look. Light weight plates, and they do have the hangers on them that I will NOT be removing. I am hoping to have this listed in my booth by tonight...waiting on a phone call to leave for a while today. Anyway, much better in person than I could picture:)

Here is an adorable little salt and pepper shaker set that is New in the box, and very light weight. By American Collectibles making vintage reproductions is how it is worded on the box. New, and such yummy colors too! Looks like they are having fun, huh?:)

Hope I am not repeating myself here with some of these pics as I seen I had done that sorry if I am. I don't mean to. This is another Pyrex Casserole Dish that is listed in my booth for sale too. Has the snowflake pattern, and in very good condition. Inside bowl area does not show signs of use. There is no lid for this. I found the bowl like this. Very nice shiny clean piece to add to your Pyrex Collections.

Ok, I am gonna stop with these pictures for now. Do not want to over whelm you, or bore some of you too. When you get a chance, stop by my booth sometime at  It is really starting to get busy around there with all the new sellers, and with the many different items being transported there from other venues:) Wishing you all a great day! Take care till the next time...Toodles:)
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