Friday, February 5, 2010

Business Cards, Photo Editing Programs

Hello Everyone! Today should have been Monday again...UGH! Checked all my emails & accounts last night, and was kind of quiet. So, I shut down early, and went to bed...Nice it wasn't another late night. This morning found notices from paypal & bonanzle about a sale, and it ended Feb. 4th...Hmm. 

Oh, well, I started copying invoices, bubble wrapping, got the tissue out to use to wrap with, etc. Putting things together, and couldn't find a business card. Hmm, must have been out. So, grabbed disc I have them downloaded to so that I could print. Wouldn't let me do it as the publisher program I used on other computer was not on this one, and raising a fit with me. Now what! Needless to say, I spent most of morning going thru my discs, looking for any of my cards I saved, and ended up making a really simple one for the customer. Once that was done & shipped I spent time trying to put together another business card.

I did find a business card I used when at the bay. I downloaded it, but now not sure what program to use to revise it, take some of the wording out & add some in, etc. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I am in need of a new photo editing program, and just not sure which one to use anymore. What is a good one? I have to get my son's senior pics ready & do need a descent program to do those, the invitations I will make, etc. 

Hope everyone having a great day & have a fabulous weekend too! Wishing ya'll a better day than I:) 


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