Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bonanzle and Etsy Clickable Buttons Now Added

Ok, I am messing around here:) I was adding the clickable buttons on the side for my bonanzle booth, and my etsy shop. Got those done, and I hit a button & thought yeah, don't need that & boom! Took out the background template I was using for my blog! Uh Oh!! So, I went in search, found the same one using before, put it back on...Whew! Then, I started looking at another place that I found someone at bonanzle. Course, I seen the button for purple, and just had to hit it, and what beautiful choices there were too! I love the blog backgrounds everyone makes, and sometimes some of them are a little too much. Ya know, get in the way of what you print, pics, etc. But, everyone has their own tastes, and I respect that:)

Anyway, beside antiquing, junking, etc I like to do crafts, and scrapbooking too. I also like butterflies, angels, etc and when I seen this background I thought what the heck! Give it a try. So, to make a really long story short, that is how this happened. I hope ya'll like it as it is starting to grow on me, and I don't think the graphic stuff will be a problem with my listings. Enjoy everyone, and have a great evening! Now...maybe I can list a couple of more things on bonanzle that I researched now. Take care...

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