Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pyrex, American Collectibles, Decorative Plates See at Bonanzle

Good Morning Everyone & glad you stopped by! Looks like the ground hog seen his shadow, so 6 more wks? of the snow? UGH! I so was hoping that maybe spring could have come a lil sooner...getting tired of the snow. Ready for spring to go diggin with yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc. You can always tell when it is shopping time again. Especially if I want to look for some things with a new venture I would like to add along with the items I sell. Am getting excited, and hope I can do what I am planning right now.:)

Pyrex Gold Butteryfly 1 PT Casserole Dish with the Lid. Upon looking thru my booth I noticed I had a few more Pyrex pieces than I realized..Hmm. They are good pieces that last through time too.

Unique set of plates that were decorated. I can find no signature on here from the original creator, but how unique they are. Both the man & woman figures here have been glued with cloth, netting for her face, felt like material, and a gorgeous trim around the rim that has a painted like look. Light weight plates, and they do have the hangers on them that I will NOT be removing. I am hoping to have this listed in my booth by tonight...waiting on a phone call to leave for a while today. Anyway, much better in person than I could picture:)

Here is an adorable little salt and pepper shaker set that is New in the box, and very light weight. By American Collectibles making vintage reproductions is how it is worded on the box. New, and such yummy colors too! Looks like they are having fun, huh?:)

Hope I am not repeating myself here with some of these pics as I seen I had done that before...so sorry if I am. I don't mean to. This is another Pyrex Casserole Dish that is listed in my booth for sale too. Has the snowflake pattern, and in very good condition. Inside bowl area does not show signs of use. There is no lid for this. I found the bowl like this. Very nice shiny clean piece to add to your Pyrex Collections.

Ok, I am gonna stop with these pictures for now. Do not want to over whelm you, or bore some of you too. When you get a chance, stop by my booth sometime at www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams  It is really starting to get busy around there with all the new sellers, and with the many different items being transported there from other venues:) Wishing you all a great day! Take care till the next time...Toodles:)

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