Tuesday, February 16, 2010

California Original Pottery and White Ceramic Picture Frame

Hello everyone, and wishing you Happy Hump Day....will be here in about 11 minutes for me:) I am really upset with my blogspot right now, and wondered if anyone else was having same issues that I am. I cannot drag, and rearrange in my layout on the side bar with new things I am trying to add in. I can only drag so far, if it will allow me to drag. This started yesterday, and you know how it is trying to complain to google about a technical issue. You don't seem to get anywhere with it. From what I read this has been happening for a few days now with others experiencing the same problem....nothing has been fixed yet. Ugh!! Hopefully something is done about it soon. I cannot add anything to the side bar, and then just leave it. I have to be able to organize it too. 



The first picture above you with the orange red burnt color is a piece of california pottery I listed at my booth at bonanzle. It has gold accents, slightly raised design within the leaf shapes, and even the feet on the bottom are gold too:) Then, the white frame made of ceramic is small, adorable, and decorative was also listed in my booth at bonanzle. Adorable white birds with a soft pink & green color in the flower too. Get a chance stop by to browse, and see my different treasures listed there. 

Take care everyone, till the next time. Have a Great Hump Day!!:)

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