Friday, February 12, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures, Gently Used

Good Day Everyone, and hope your weekend is off to a good start for you! Ever feel like the pic you see above? I sure do! Some days I just cannot get it all done, or never enough time in a day to do all that I need to do...Ugh! Well, for one thing, if you are shopping for vintage, collectibles, treasures, gently used items I suggest looking at And also looking at Yes, you can find a little bit of these items between these 2 places. Etsy is known for hand made, but also has allowed sellers with their vintage, collectibles, antiques to sell here too. Bonanzle shows a little bit of everything too. No specific area for them, but a lil of everything. 

If you wish to stop by either place, or both places, stop by my shop/booth that I have at both. The name I use is LilacsNDreams. Or, if you like, at the upper right side of the column under my banner you will see links there for each one that is clickable, and takes you right into those places starting with my places first.

Wishing ya'll a beautiful, and enjoyable weekend! Take care, and wishing everyone well. Later...

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