Friday, February 19, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Hand Made

Hello & Happy Weekend Everyone! Hasn't really been much of a week here. We got snow again, and I don't know about ya'll, but I am sooo ready for spring! I have some crafty/creative things I would like to work on. I need to get some paints, primers, brushes, etc so I can work on some things that I am starting to collect at home. I just found a couple more wood items that I was gonna list for sale, but decided to keep them & paint them/refurbish them. Got some ideas, and hope I can create the pictures in my mind too. I think it will be fun, and of course something I enjoy doing too. Just nervous about having it come out the way I picture, and that it will be good enough for someone else to enjoy too. Ya'll get a chance, stop by my booth at bonanzle, and have a look at some of the things I have listed there. Working on lowering the inventory at home, and cleaning house. Also, you can check my shop at etsy too. I have listed a few things there as well. Take care & have a beautiful weekend!:)


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