Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bringing the Old to Life Again, Repurposed, Refurbished Treasures

Hello again to all who are visiting! Hope you will find this enjoyable, and maybe decide to stop by again too:) I came from another blog, and read some things on there, and am hoping to improve myself with my blog just a little bit more each time so that most of you will enjoy stopping by here. 

Yes, I do sell at different venues on the internet, and will show those pictures here, leave comments with them, but I do try to also note about other bloggers and the wonderful things they have & show, or will note something about another seller that has caught my attention, sometimes I will stop by here to say Hi to everyone & wish you well, sometimes I might share a thought too. I try to not make it the same thing over, and over as I too would tire of that, and move on. A quick note, as mentioned before I have another venture I am looking at working on, have read a lil, researched a lil, and am hoping this spring to get the supplies together, and get started with it. Going back to the basics, and start working on more of the creative side that I sooo love to do, and should have listed to family & friends all along about it. Anyway......

Now, if you would like to contact me personally, off to the right you will see an envelope saying contact me, and you can click on that & you should then be able to email me. Do I respond? Emails are MUCH easier to see & respond to then how the blog is set up here. I feel horrid as I know there are some who follow me, or comment, and etc. Unfortunately, I do not see those right away, and feel bad if you have been overlooked. Please, know that I do the best I can to respond from my blog. With my email accounts I read all of them everyday along with checking the venues I sell at, the social sights I am signed up with, and etc. Busy Busy Busy, but gotta love it, right?:)

Ya'll take care & have a Beautiful Day! Till the next time........


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