Sunday, February 7, 2010

Braided Weaved Made Baskets, Soft Pink and Rose Flowered Serving Bowl

Good Morning Everyone & it is Super Bowl Sunday!! WooHoo!! Big day today:) Well, after talking with a few people, research, etc...if you didn't know it before it is official you have to watch how you use the words shabby chic. You are NOT allowed to use them together when selling items, when describing your home, etc. They can only be used in reference to when it is actually shabby chic, and bought that way too. There are different ways to get around it, and reword it like shabby and chic, chic and shabby, shab, chic, etc. But, do not put them 2 words together as they do have a trademark on them, ok?

For those who are curious I have listed a few more things in my booth at  I also have put a few things into my booth at  too. I decided to keep that spot there for my venture I am planning to work on this spring. Was putting a few things together today that I want to bring back to life, craft, etc. I have more ideas, but am just putting things together, and still making them notes too. Will keep ya'll posted as time goes along. 

Ok, it is really late for me here. Time to go to bed. Have a Great Sunday everyone, and enjoy the game!! 


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