Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, Vintage, Collectibles

Good Evening & Welcome back:) For some you will notice that I am slowly working a little more each time with my blogspot to make it better, and more enjoyable for all that visit. And, if you happen to hit the button to follow me....Thank You so very much! I appreciate that!

I was fortunate to make another sale on bonanzle yesterday, and that made me feel good too. A lot of work with advertising, getting my name out there along with my products too. Some people, or even new sellers I think feel that the products are just set there for viewing, and buying too. But, there is much time that goes into setting up your place of venue, the look of it, the color, what will appeal to the public but also show your style too, the time it takes to fill your area of different products being offered, the layout of the items with the description--your policies--taking pictures--shipping policies--researching your item so that your price will also be competitive & fair to what the value of the item is, and just so many things. So, when a sale is made it is a big accomplisment too.

My goal is to clean house a little bit more before I can make my lists, and go out to start refurbishing the inventory here. And, also so that I can work on my plans of adding some of the creative items for sale with my inventory too. I am really getting excited for that, and hope I can do what I would like to with no big disappointments. Hmm...makes me nervous. Well, I have a customer to contact and notify of shipping. At this time I always use priority mail & have for years now. Along with that the insurance is included for a more secure delivery too. I am happy with how my shipping is done, and have never had any complaints with it either.

Stop by my bonanzle booth...LilacsNDreams when you can. And, don't forget my shop with etsy too. Same name there also:)


  1. Hi Kim, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments! Your blog is pretty awesome too..I peeked at your vintage collectibles--I am a real sucker for that Homer Laughlin pink rose pattern. Will have to check back when I have more time to shop :)

  2. Thank You for the visit Debbi!:) I love seeing all the beautiful blogs out there, what everyone has to say, what they share, and etc. Everyone has their own way, but unique is always neat tho too!:)

    I think I am finally going to have some me time again. Was helping my sister out for a few days, but things are done, and I can get back to doing my thing again. Have a Great Week!:)


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