Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bonanzle, Etsy, All Things Vintage, Etc

Hello, and good afternoon to all that stop. WHEW! Is it cold here! I had to bring the space heater into the computer room to get some heat...no way I can stay off my computer:) Got a towel up on the window, shoved into the crack & frame where ever I could get it to fit, etc. It is nice & sunny out, but that wind!! Bbuurrr!! Our talks of moving are often thought of more during times like this. Hubby not help any when he rubs it in he is visiting in a nice warmer area...last week florida, and today/tomorrow into california. I just might have to get in that truck with him, and go!! LOL!

Not doing a whole lot right now. Read forums at bonanzle to see if anything new, worked on my facebook page...the fan one trying to figure it out....Facebook changed their pg again too! Also, working on this blogspot of mine to try & improve it more each time for all of you. Bear with me as I am not the computer literate type...I learn as I go by trial & error, or getting help from some. 

Hope everyone having a great day! Stay warm where you are, and hope the snow has quit for you. Stop by my booth at bonanzle, or check out what I started at etsy too. Both places, same name...you know...LilacsNDreams :-)

Take care,


  1. Hey Girlie!
    Brrr... Is right! Canada is worrying about not enough snow, and 50 degrees, for the 'Games', and I know just where that Canadian stuff is... Right here!!!! I wish we could send it all their way... We'd all be much happier!
    Stay warm...
    Barb C.

  2. Hey Girl! I headed over to your blog & left a msg...hope you got it ok:) Take care & keep warm! I had to put the space heater by this room today as I was not going to stay off the computer cuz of the cold!!

    Stay Warm Barb!!



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